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Submit Data

Trees and a green field with a blue sky.

Submitting Data

The data in ONHI's databases are collated from a number of sources. These include museum and herbarium specimens, published literature accounts, field surveys conducted by ONHI and affiliated biologists, and data submissions from various stakeholders.

If you have observation data you would like to share with ONHI for inclusion in one of our databases, please use our online submission form.  Upon submission, one of ONHI biologists will review the information and determine whether it is appropriate for our database. In particular, we seek information related to tracked plant and animal species (i.e. those species of conservation concern).  Please search our list of Species of Concern (our "tracking list") to determine if your observation is appropriate for submission.  Alternatively, please contact one of our biologists.

Using the Online Submission Form

Enter observer information.

Enter observation information:

  • Scientific name - Follow the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) for scientific names.
  • Common name
  • Observation date
  • Relevant observational data, such as the number of individuals, phenological state, and habitat information.
  • Locational information for the observation, such as section, township, and range, longitude and latitude, or UTM coordinates.
  • You may include attachments with your submission.  Currently, we can only accept one file. If you have more than one, please zip them into a single file.


Your observation has been submitted to Kristin Comolli, ONHI Data Analyst.  You may be contacted regarding your observation.  If you have any questions, please contact Kristin.