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OKPAN Quarterly

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OKPAN Quarterly

In the fall of 2018, we began publishing the OKPAN Quarterly as an online newsletter to keep readers up-to-date with the archaeological community of Oklahoma. Within each issue, we provided updates on OKPAN and featured pieces from and about archaeologists, students, and any member of the community who cares about the past.

As OKPAN evolved, we began to recognize the magazine’s potential to feature more accessible, educational content from diverse audiences, and in 2022, we started to restructure the magazine into what is now The Community Archaeologist, a publication that continues the strong legacy of community engagement set forth by the OKPAN Quarterly.

Below is an archive of each issue the OKPAN Quarterly produced. Click the link for the issue you want to read to access the online publication. We hope you enjoy the issues as much as we have!





You can access OKPAN Quarterly here anytime, but if you'd like to receive the link in your inbox each quarter, join our email list by visiting our Contact page.

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