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Oklahoma Archaeology Month

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Oklahoma Archaeology Month

Oklahoma Archaeology Month, or OAM, is every October. OAM is an annual celebration of Oklahoma's past through numerous statewide events. All over Oklahoma, institutions such as museums, historic properties, universities, and other organizations devoted to Oklahoma's heritage host fun and informative events for all ages and levels of interest. From public lectures to fun activity days for the whole family.

Stay tuned for information on OAM 2021!

OAM 2020 Poster

The 2020 Oklahoma Archaeology Month poster was designed by Naomi Dunn, a joint Anthropology and Graphic Design major at Tulsa University. The theme, “We Are Making History,” explores our connection to things, the meaning and stories they carry, and how that meaning shifts and changes through time.

Click below to enjoy the interactive poster! All objects are interactive and link to their respective stories and information. While many of the objects are beloved family heirlooms donated to the Oklahoma Community Heritage Project, others are historic artifacts, archived through the Oklahoma Historical Society. Will you be able to tell which is which? Click each image on the poster to learn more about its story. Click below to explore! (Note: the 2020 poster is a clickable PDF and take a moment to load).


Although the 2020 poster includes online interaction, we have hard copies available for you to post at your institution or around town. Help spread the word about OAM! If you would like to request posters to be mailed to you, please fill out the below form or click here to access the form on a separate page.