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OAM Poster Archive

Below is an archive of posters from past Oklahoma Archaeology Months. You can view each as a PDF with the links provided. As each new poster is produced annually, this archive will be updated.


The 2021 poster is in honor of the Tulsa Massacre Centennial. The poster was designed by high schools students that participated in OKPAN's "Voices of Greenwood" internship.

View 2021 OAM poster


The 2020 OAM poster titled "We Are Making History" explores our connection to things, the meaning and stories they carry, and how that meaning shifts and changes through time. This poster was inspired by OKPAN's Oklahoma Community Heritage Project (OKCHP). The poster was designed by Naomi Dunn, a joint anthropology and graphic design major at Tulsa University.

View the 2020 OAM poster


The 2019 poster celebrates the revitalization of traditional practices by contemporary people. The poster features Caddo potter Chase Kahwinhut Earles, one of many artists from Oklahoma's resident tribes who actively works to reivtalize traditional creative practices. Credits for the OAM 2019 poster go to Travis Caperton for the featured photograph and Denise Canon for graphic design.

View the 2019 OAM poster


This poster celebrates two significant anniversaries in Oklahoma preservation - the 25th anniversary of excavations at the Cooper Bison Kill site, and the 40th anniversary of the opening of Spiro Mounds as the only pre-Contact archaeological site in the state open to the public. The artwork was created by Muscogee (Creek) artist Jon Tiger, and graphic design was done by Savanna Cometa.

View the 2018 OAM poster


The 2017 poster was designed by Shawn Lambert, who was selected as the artist through OKPAN's poster design contest. The poster represents Oklahoma’s diverse communities of stewards of the past and highlights collaborative efforts between them. This poster is embedded with Augmented Reality - download the free mobile app "TrifectAR" and try it yourself on your computer screen!

View the 2017 OAM poster


The 2016 OAM poster, created by Holly Andrew, celebrates the rich history of the Washita Battlefield Historic Site. It illustrates how archaeology combines with oral and written histories to enhance our understanding of the past.

View the 2016 OAM poster


This poster describes how the first peoples in Oklahoma hunted bison hundreds and thousands of years ago, highlighting the state's deep history and some of Oklahoma's oldest archaeological sites. The poster was designed by Holly Andrew.

View the 2015 OAM poster


The first-ever OAM poster was created by University of Oklahoma graduate students Holly Andrew, Stephanie Stutts, and Alesha Marcum-Heiman. The poster highlights the diverse cultural heritage in our state, from East to West and across all kinds of ecolgical regions.

View the 2014 OAM poster