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Meet your OKPAN team! Within OKPAN’s structure, each of us are dedicated to sharing archaeology with everyone and to helping you achieve the same goal. Have a question for a team member? Email them at

Click each team member's name for more information (listed alphabetically by last name):

Reagan Ballard

Advisory Board Member

Reagan is a sophomore at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as a biology major on the pre-medicine track. She was introduced to OKPAN by the Voices of Oklahoma program, OKPAN’s high school internship, during her high school years and now maintains connection as a mentor. Reagan loves working with children and other adolescents, reading, and making a difference!

Reagan Bieligk


Reagan Bieligk is a junior at Holland Hall in Tulsa, OK. She participated in the Voices of Osage Summer Internship 2022. Reagan presented a poster at the 2022 Plains Anthropological Conference. In her free time, she enjoys reading and sewing. She is excited to see where her job at OKPAN is going to go.

Delaney Cooley

Editor-in-Chief of the The Community Archaeologist

Delaney is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Oklahoma. She has a B.S. in Anthropology from the University of Iowa and an M.A. in Anthropology from OU. While her research focuses on cultural contact and the ties people forge with the landscape, Delaney is also passionate about sharing her love for archaeology with the public. She encourages anyone interested in Oklahoma archaeology and heritage to check out The Community Archaeologist. To contribute to the online magazine, please feel free to contact her directly.

Bobi Deere

Voices of Oklahoma Coordinator

Bobi Deere is ABD in anthropology with an archaeology focus. Bobi owns a CRM company with her husband that works on projects mainly in Oklahoma, but Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas as well. Bobi was a teacher and school counselor in a previous life, and she has combined her interests and experiences into the Voices of Oklahoma project, as well as the Artists to Archaeology project, both of which are active through OKPAN. Bobi is currently the PI at both her own company and a local environmental firm, and teaches as a TA at OU and with the Voices program in the Summers. Bobi is active in her communities in and near Tulsa, with a passion for empowering underrepresented groups through education, voter registration, financial support and other services. Bobi is a proud mother and grandmother, girl scout and graduate of the Tulsa Voluntary Integration experiment that set her on the path that she meanders today.

Meghan Dudley in the field with colleagues

Meghan J. Dudley

Archaeology Education Coordinator

Meghan (she/her) is a PhD candidate at the University of Oklahoma. With a traditional archaeology background, she now applies those skills to studying LGBTQ+ heritage and material culture through the OKPAN's Rainbow Community Heritage Project (RCHP). When not working on her dissertation, she serves as OKPAN's co-lead for our K-12 education efforts through lesson plan writing and holding professional development opportunities for our state's teachers. To learn more, visit the pages for RCHP and K-12 education to learn more!

Jovie Isaacs Flying Out


Jovie is a second-year master's student in Museum Studies at the University of Oklahoma. After receiving their bachelor’s in Anthropology in 2022 from Southern New Hampshire University, Jovie found a love for the interdisciplinary work found in the world of museums. They are interested in preservation and curation and aspire to aid in teaching the general public about heritage and conservation.

Grace Harris sitting on stairs

Grace Harris


Grace is a current undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma double majoring in Political Science and Native American Studies. She hopes to graduate and obtain a JD to help serve Native tribes both locally and federally.

Zac Marino

Graphic Designer

Zac is a designer and artist working with OKPAN to visually communicate everything from event fliers to the bi-annual magazine The Community Archaeologist.

Kaylyn Moore in the field

Kaylyn Moore

Director of Operations

Kaylyn Moore is a current graduate student at OU with the hopes of pursuing a PhD. She graduated with her BA in Anthropology and History from the University of Arkansas in 2020. Her master's thesis is a collaboration with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma's Historic Preservation Office. The thesis focuses on the creation of a Choctaw specific, Indigenous Archaeology curriculum for Oklahoma high school students.

Horvey Palacios in front of a white background

Horvey Palacios

Associate Editor of the The Community Archaeologist

Horvey is a Ph.D. student at the University of Oklahoma studying molecular anthropology. His research focuses on the reconstruction of health, identity, and inequality through skeletal, biomolecular, isotopic, and archival methods. His regional focus is on Mesoamerica and the South Eastern United States. Horvey is passionate about conveying archaeology to the public through both engaged heritage outreach and science communication. He encourages anyone invested in archaeology and heritage to check out The Community Archaeologist and consider contributing to the online magazine's success.

Aaron Patton


Aaron Patton is a passionate junior majoring in Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma. With a strong commitment to using anthropology as a means for positive social change, Aaron has dedicated himself to making a difference in his community. Aaron's journey with the Oklahoma Public Archaeology Network (OKPAN) began during an internship called "Voices of Oklahoma." Since then, his partnership with OKPAN has deepened, allowing him to further explore the transformative power of anthropology. As an intern at OKPAN, Aaron has honed his skills in archaeology and anthropology while actively advocating for social change. He believes in the potential of anthropology as a tool to empower individuals and communities, fostering a greater understanding of our shared history and heritage.

Gabi Parker


Gabriella Parker is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in Anthropology with a double minor in Spanish and Digital Marketing. She is passionate about seeing the impacts of social justice in archaeology and educating the public about the power of anthropology. She is a volunteer with The Community Archaeologist and helps out with social media. Give it a quick follow @thecommunityarchaeologist on Instagram!

Bonnie Pitblado by a body of water

Bonnie Pitblado

Executive Director

Bonnie is the Robert E. and Virginia Bell Endowed Professor of Anthropology at OU. She has been passionate about public archaeology for more than 25 years, having directed Utah State University’s Museum of Anthropology for a decade; conducted field research with community partners in Idaho, Utah, and Colorado; and founded OKPAN here in Oklahoma. Bonnie teaches graduate and undergraduate anthropology classes in topics ranging from “Community Archaeology” to “Social Justice in Archaeology" to "Research Design." She has published extensively on the importance of collaborative approaches in the archaeological discipline.

Isabelle Rosinko


Isabella is a first year masters student in archaeology at the University of Oklahoma with hopes to pursue a PhD. She graduated with a B.S in Anthropology and a minor in Indigenous Studies from Kennesaw State University. Isabella’s research interests include contact and post-contact period Indigenous archaeology, decolonizing methodologies, collaborative archaeology, and zooarchaeology.

Juliana Rubinatto

The Community Archaeologist

Juliana Rubinatto Serrano is a Ph.D. student at the University of Florida. Her research studies past and present human-animal relationships in the Brazilian Amazon through zooarchaeology, ethnoarchaeology, and collaborative research. As the social media coordinator for The Community Archaeologist, she supports the magazine's mission to make archaeological knowledge more accessible to the public.


Abbey Sempebwa posing in front of a painting

Abbey Sempebwa

Social Media Coordinator, DEI & Mentoring

Abigail graduated in May '21 from the University of Oklahoma with a multidisciplinary studies degree. During her time at OU, she studied anthropology, history and art, and is a current museum studies master's student at Harvard University. Abigail has interests in museum curating, Italian art history, and professorship, and hopes to also pursue her PhD. She served as a teaching assistant for Voices of Greenwood, which taught students about the Tulsa Race Massacre and the intersection of race, archaeology, and education. She is incredibly passionate about sharing her studies with the African and African American community, which will in turn bring more diverse perspectives and experiences into the archaeological and museum fields.


Megan Walsh in the field

Megan Walsh

Director of Outreach, Retention, and Assessment

Megan Walsh is a bioarchaeologist and a passionate member of OKPAN. She graduated with her B.S. in Anthropology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2021. Currently she is a graduate student at OU in hopes of pursuing a PhD. Her research centers around examining pathology in cremated human remains from the Archaic Period in Athens, Greece. Her academic research interests include health inequality in the past (and present), paleopathology, identity, mortuary archaeology, and more. Within the realm of public archaeology, Megan is passionate about access and opportunity as well as public outreach. Outside of school you can find Megan thrift shopping, drinking coffee, and crocheting!

Elijah Whalen the field

Elijan Whalen


Elijah Whalen is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in anthropology. He is passionate about Indigenous heritage preservation and the ways that anthropology and archaeology can assist in that endeavor. After graduation, he plans to attend medical school.

Cheyenne Widdecke

Assistant Director of Operation

Cheyenne Widdecke is the Assistant Director of Operations for OKPAN. She graduated with her BA in Anthropology and Biological Sciences from the University of Alberta in 2022. She is currently an MA student at OU. Her research interests are community-based archaeology and boarding schools. Outside of class, you can find her watching sports, especially football and hockey.