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Meet your OKPAN team! Within OKPAN’s structure, each of us are dedicated to sharing archaeology with everyone and to helping you achieve the same goal. Have a question for a team member? Email her at

Click each team member's name for more information:


Bonnie Pitblado (Ph.D.)

Executive Director

Bonnie is the Robert E. and Virginia Bell Endowed Professor of Anthropology at OU.  She has been passionate about public archaeology for more than 20 years, having directed Utah State University’s Museum of Anthropology for a decade; conducted extensive Paleoindian-era field research with community partners in Idaho, Utah, and Colorado; and now founding OKPAN here in Oklahoma.  Bonnie has published several papers about the relationship between archaeologists and members of the public, including a piece advocating for avocational-professional collaborations (pdf) and one focused on the “how-tos” of collaboration (pdf). She also guest-edited and co-wrote two essays for a discussion of the collaboration process (pdf).

Kate Newton

OKPAN Director

Kate has varied public outreach experience working in the medical, education, and retail fields and a lifelong passion for cultural heritage and archaeology. She is excited to combine her interests as Director of Operations and Outreach for OKPAN, where she is responsible for social media, blogs, and the newsletter. She also helps facilitate OKPAN’s many events and initiatives.

Amy Clark (Ph.D.)

Director of Research

Amy earned her doctorate at the University of Arizona in 2015. Much of her archaeological experience has been in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa where she studies Neanderthals and Early Modern Humans. Her interests extend to hunter-gatherers, in general, however, and she is excited to be starting up a new project focusing on the earliest occupation of Oklahoma. As OKPAN’s Director of Research, Amy hopes to make research accessible to the public through site visits, public lectures, and hands-on archaeological experience. In addition, she believes that the public (especially descendant communities) should be active participants in crafting the research agenda and determining the direction of archaeological research.

Ella Crenshaw

Assistant Director

Ella is currently pursuing her M.A. in Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma and has a B.A. in Anthropology from OU. As part of the OKPAN undergrad team, she has helped out with the Archaeological Skills Workshop Series and Project Archaeology, and she is excited to step into an expanded role soon! She has also been involved at the Sam Noble Museum and serves as the Program Director for the Oklahoma Anthropological Society, Cleveland County Chapter. Ella loves how archaeology is not just relevant to researchers and academics, but to everyone, and she looks forward to helping OKPAN realize its mission.


Delaney Cooley (M.A.)

Operations and Outreach Support

Delaney is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Oklahoma. She has a B.S. in Anthropology from the University of Iowa and an M.A. in Anthropology from OU. While her research focuses on cultural contact and the ties people forge with the landscape, Delaney is also passionate about sharing her love for archaeology with the public. She is looking forward to facilitating OKPAN’s events and creating connections with people across the state.

Meghan Dudley (M.A.)

Public Archaeology Education Coordinator

Meghan is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Oklahoma. Although she studies Rocky Mountain landscape archaeology, she is fascinated by archaeology in our state and wants to share that fascination and passion with everyone! She has been involved with Project Archaeology and the Oklahoma Anthropological Society, and looks forward to bringing what she has learned to the OKPAN team.

Sarah Luthman (M.A.)

Public Archaeology Education Coordinator

Sarah is a current Ph.D. student in the anthropology department at the University of Oklahoma. She has a B.S. in Middle School Education (from Miami University), a Masters in Teacher Leadership (from Ohio University), and a Masters in Anthropology (from the University of Oklahoma). She has 8 years experience teaching middle school and 1 year experience teaching undergraduates about archaeology and anthropology. Her research focuses on people living along the Lower Mississippi River Valley during the Mississippian Period. She enjoys sharing archaeological methods and findings with both school groups and adults, and is looking forward to creating and sharing curricula about Oklahoma’s history!

Paige Ford (M.A.)

Collaborative Partnership Liaison

Paige is a Ph.D. student at the University of Oklahoma. She has a B.A. in archaeology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an M.A. in anthropology from Eastern Carolina University. As an archaeologist and ceramicist, Paige is interested in how peoples in the southeastern United States identified themselves, interacted, and shared ideas in the past. She enjoys both research and teaching, working with the public on field projects in Oklahoma, Maryland, and North Carolina. Paige looks forward to facilitating and strengthening communication among descendant communities, archaeologists, and the public, and illustrating the diverse range of perspectives on archaeological issues.

Allison Douglas (M.A.)

Web and Outreach Support

Allison is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Oklahoma. She graduated from OU with her B.A. in Anthropology in 2013, then completed her M.A. in Anthropology at the University of Kansas in 2015. With her research, Allison hopes to expand anthropological literacy among Oklahoma K-12 students and teachers.  


Amber Vinson

Amber Vinson is an undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in Anthropology. Amber has had several opportunities already by working with the Oklahoma Public Archaeology Network and attending her first field school , based in the Colorado Rockies, in only her first year of study at OU. She is hopeful to see what the future holds and is excited to start new adventures towards achieving her goal in the coming years at OU - grateful to be part of the OKPAN community.

Noah Place

Noah is an undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma double majoring in Music and Anthropology. He has traveled all over the state and is fascinated by everything he learned. He is excited to work with OKPAN to share his knowledge of the state's rich archaeology with its people.

Blake McDonald

Blake McDonald is an undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Anthropology. Blake will complete his B.A. in December 2020. His plan is to take the LSAT upon graduation and continue his education in Law School.

Savannah Miller

Savannah Miller is an undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Anthropology and minoring in History. She has experience with the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History and Rocky Mountain National Park. She hopes to help build a passion for archaeology and preservation within our community.