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Presented by Chris Corbett // October 25, 2023

Presented by John Hanak // March 2023

Presented by Chris Corbett // January 2023

Presented by Dr. Chris Corbett// August 2022


Presented by Andrew Pollock // April 2022


Presented by Andrew Pollock // August 2021


Presented by Meredith Wilkerson // September 2019

  • How to gather useful insights from the market
  • Common customer discovery mistakes
  • OTC can support you in aligning your research with industry 




Presented by Andrew Pollock // January 2020




  • How to launch a new venture
  • Determining if you have a conflict of interest
  • Managing conflicts of interest



Presented January 2018

  • Explore opportunities for research graduate students interested in a career in industry or entrepreneurship
  • Hear from current Venture Fellows teams that are starting businesses around university IP
  • Learn about program details, including selection, curriculum, and goals

Presented by Tom Wavering, Executive Director of the Tom Love Innovation Hub at OU // February 2018

  • What are the SBIR and STTR programs?
  • Qualities of a competitive project
  • SBIR support at OU

Presented by Andrew Pollock // February 2017

  • Not all intellectual property is patentable
  • Filing for copyrights and trademarks
  • Protecting your software application
  • Examples of licensing non-traditional IP

Presented by
Charles A. Hinton, Jr.
Director, NSF I-Corps/Startup Aggieland // March 2017

  • Avoid wasting time with ideas that don’t work
  • Reduce your chances of flop
  • Is there really a problem that your innovation solves? Or are you imagining there is a problem or need?
  • Is there a market for your product or are you just dreaming?

Presented by Meredith Wilkerson // May 2017

  • How to convey the value and impact of your work outside academia
  • Tips for being clear, concise, and compelling
  • Best practices for customer discovery and determining product-market fit



Presented in August 2017

  • Why IP matters
  • IP and sponsored research
  • IP-based agreements

Presented by Gina McMillen & Annie Smith // November 2017

  • Generating data for patent claims
  • Gathering commercially relevant data
  • Funding to bridge the data disconnect

Presented by Andrew Pollock // November 2016

  • Evaluating product-market fit
  • Marketing technology: the OTC-inventor partnership
  • Licensing terms and requirements
  • Commercial terms and SRAs
  • Enforcement, infringement and little men who live under bridges

Presented by
Gina McMillen, DVM, PhD | Director, OTC
Meredith Wilkerson, PhD | Licensing Officer, OTC

March 2021