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Human Firewall Training

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Human Firewall Training

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What is a Human Firewall?

Human Firewall comes from the idea that security is not just a technology issue but rather a people and process issue. Cybercriminals are increasingly using people-centered attacks that rely on social engineering and human interaction - "the human factor" - the instincts of curiousity and trust that lead the unaware user to click on fake websites, download and instal malware, move funds to fradulent accounts, and more.

The Human Firewall program engages end-users by using the KnowBe4 training tools to focus attention on cybersecurity and help build digital self-defense skills through real-world scenarios. 

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Why do I need to be a Human Firewall?

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The University of Oklahoma depends on each person, whether faculty, staff, or students, to protect the University from cyber attacks. Training is required for all faculty, staff, and students.

It takes just one person to stop a cybercriminal or give them entrance to important data. In addition to the University, your efforts to stay knowledgeable and aware will protect you from attacks.


Phishing is a cybercrime that involves sending fraudulent communications that appear to come from a legitimate source, usually through email and text messages.

Human Firewall training includes understanding what these attacks look like. Faculty, Staff, and students are all sent phishing simulations to help users recognize red flags more quickly through purposeful repetition. 

When you suspect a phishing attempt, use the Phish Alert Button in Outlook. This warns the OU IT security team of possible phishing attacks and malicious emails. 

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How do I report an incident?

If you fear an incident has taken place that may have compromised University data, please let us know immediately. Reporting is another step of becoming a dependable Human Firewall. You can visit the link below for next steps.

Can I request additional training?

You can request additional training via Zoom or in person through the link below. The library of trainings are always available on Knowbe4 and students also have Sooner Secure training available for free through Canvas.

How can I ensure my technology is in compliance?

System Security Assesments help identify cybersecurity risks from the use of technology that could potentially cause loss or harm to the University. You can request a Security Consultation to determine if your technology complies with OU standards.