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IT Policies

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Protecting university and student information and the systems that collect, process, and maintain this information is of critical importance to the University of Oklahoma. The University is committed to reviewing information security policies and standards to address changes in laws or regulations, audit findings, or university strategic plans or initiatives.  The OU IT Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for coordinating the development, approval, and dissemination of Information Security policies, standards, and guidelines.

The OU IT Policy, Standard, & Procedure Management Program Plan establishes:

  • Clear, comprehensive IT policy that applies across the enterprise;
  • Opportunities for constituent and stakeholder feedback that shapes effective policy and
  • Timely and efficient progress.

Visit the OU IT Policy, Standards, and Procedures Program page to view the step by step instructions on commenting on Open IT Policies and Standards. 

The University of Oklahoma supports an IT Exception process where a particular condition ("an exception") is defined as “a variance from IT Policy or Standard” that occurs after a proposed policy or standard has been released.To submit an exception, please fill out the Policy/Standard Exception Form.

  • Policy
    • The framework within which the University strives to meet its need for Information Security is codified as Security Policy. A Security Policy is a concise statement by those responsible for a system (such as senior management) of information values, protection responsibilities, and organizational commitment.
  • Standard
    •  Specific requirements for the configurations of hosts and network security devices. These requirements tend to change slowly over time.
  • Guideline
    •  Recommendations and additional guidance on policies and standards.

Visit Policies Open for Comments on our IT Support Service Portal. Your feedback is appreciated. OU NetID login required. 



OUHSC - Campus Specific Policies

The policies below are specific to OU Health Science Center. As new University IT Policies and Standards are approved, they will replace individual campus policies. Health Science Center accounts are subject to University-Wide IT Policies, Standards and Guidelines, in addition to existing OUHSC Policies, Standards, and Guidelines.