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Printer Standardization

Printer Standardization Program

New Contract Effective July 1, 2022

Effective July 1, 2020, all copiers, printers, and multi-function devices purchased for the University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa Campuses must be selected from the approved printer standards list.

The following purchasing changes support OU's transition to a standardized computing environment: 

  • Leasing is no longer a procurement option
  • Printers/Copiers should not be purchased on Pcards

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Program Details

The University completed a competitive bid process and selected Xerox Business Solutions Southwest, ImageNet and Standley Systems to deliver a holistic copier, printer, and multifunction device program including:

  • Delivery, installation, new analyst services, and training
  • Inclusive pricing covering all toner, parts, and service except paper
  • Pricing good for the term of the agreement
  • Service to be performed by a certified technician from an approved (Xerox, ImageNet, Standley Systems)
  • Guaranteed 4-hour service call response time

How Do I Purchase a Device?

When your current device is ready for replacement or you need a new device, simply request a consultation below. A representative of Printing and Mailing will review your need, including current printer usage, and work with you to select a model from the approved device lists. Complete the form below to request a printer/copier.  

NOTE: Supply chains and chip manufacturing are experiencing delays on some models; please check with your sales representative for specific details.

Order a Printer/Copier

Delivery and Installation

Once you select a model, a sales member will coordinate with you/your department, OU IT and Printing and Mailing to ensure quick and effective installation and deployment.

  • A coordinator will contact you within 5 business days of order to coordinate delivery and installation
  • Device(s) will typically be delivered within 5-10 business days of your submitted order
  • Suppliers will provide scheduled initial key operator training, available within 24 hours of completed installation or at your convenience

Pickup Requests

Please use these pickup request templates for ImageNet and Standley Systems.

More Information

On January 7, 2019, Senior Vice President and CFO Ken Rowe communicated, in part, the following to all OU faculty and staff:

Effective immediately, we will implement a technology standardization program for all campuses. Designed to achieve support and cost efficiencies and maximize discounts, this program requires all University computers, printers, copiers, and multifunction devices to be selected from pre-approved models, with limited exceptions for specialty teaching, research, and clinical areas.

While standardization is common in almost all organizations, we recognize that this represents a major change for technology purchases at OU. We are committed to supporting our academic, research, and clinical missions and will monitor your feedback to make continuous improvements to this program.

The objective of the OU Copier Standardization Policy is to achieve and maintain copier capabilities that provide a high level of productivity for OU workforce members in a secure and cost-effective manner. Standardizing copier equipment at OU:

  • Provides employees with guidance in planning for future needs.
  • Allows the University to negotiate the best possible pricing on select models.
  • Makes the copier procurement process more efficient.
  • Helps maintain technology compatibility across the organization.
  • Brings a systematic approach to the acquisition and disposal of copier equipment, and
  • Standardizes equipment to minimize maintenance and support effort.

What are the general features/requirements of the program?
The program represents a fundamental change from the current leasing program, which will be phased out. Each new equipment that is needed will be purchased rather than leased.

What is the reason for the change from leasing to purchasing?
While there are certain advantages to leasing, the main reason for the change to the new program is lower overall expenditure of funds (estimates indicate the University may save in excess of $4 million over the next 5 years). Leases typically include rather high interest rates. The University can make better use of its money by purchasing rather than leasing these items.

Is cost the only reason for the change to the new program?
No. Reducing institutional spending is certainly an important reason for this program, but it isn’t the only objective. As this program matures, departments should find that lifecycle processes have improved, that there are more flexible/secure ways to print and scan, and that the University has cut back on print waste.

Will there be multiple vendors or a single vendor?
Multiple. ImageNet, Standley Systems and Xerox Business Solutions Southwest.

How were the vendors selected?
Through the University’s prescribed competitive process.

Who will manage the program and who should I contact with questions?
University Printing Services, jointly with Information Technology.

Will I be allowed to purchase any equipment that I can afford?
No. Your particular choice of equipment will be governed by your current activity. The Director of University Printing Services will guide your decision. The emphasis will be on selecting the lowest price equipment that will reasonably satisfy your needs.

May I use the Pcard to make a purchase?

How will billing and payment work?
Copiers and maintance will be billed to University Printing Services with a single, consolidated bill. Your department will then be charged via journal entry. This applies both to the one-time acquisition price of the equipment and the subsequent monthly maintenance charges.

What if I can find a less expensive unit by shopping around?
Standardization aims to lower the total cost of ownership. What might seem like a cost savings up-front often ends up costing more in the long run due to increased support or early replacement costs.”

What if I want a different unit than is approved for my department?
A process for requesting exceptions is available. The request must first be work-flowed through your department.  An exception can be made for unusual printer needs, like label printers, wide format or 3-D printers.  All requests should be directed to for evaluation.

Will there be equipment shows?
Yes, at each of the three campuses. Specific information regarding dates, times, and places will be posted timely

Are the units secure?
Yes, they are encrypted. Data is immediately over-written.

When can I get a new machine?
As soon as your current lease expires.

Can I keep my current machine?
No, a printer on a current lease must be returned within 30 days of expiration of the lease.

Do the new printers support scanning, faxing, and document management?
Most models of printers support a built-in scan-to-email functionality that does not require a secondary scanning application. Faxing options will vary by campus, so please consult the Printer Standardization website for options.