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Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Scholarship Selection Committees
  • Mini-Grant Readers

If you are interested in volunteering please contact the Sooner Parents President. The president will follow up with you as needs arise.

Serve on the Executive Committee

Parents from across the state and country volunteer to serve for an extended period on the executive committee for Sooner Parents.  Students and other parents might be given your name to call for information about OU or just to talk about having a child in college. 

Regarding participation, at least one parent from each executive committee member family must attend (at a minimum) one executive committee meeting per year and volunteer at one Sooner Parent event per year OR provide some type of service for the organization such as being a scholarship application or mini-grant application reader.

If you are interested in serving please contact Tracy Carlson. Tracy will follow up with you about possible service on the executive committee as vacancies become available or as geographic representation is needed.  

The Sooner Parents Executive Committee meets on the Friday of each Fall Family Weekend and each Spring Family Weekend.  Sooner Parent members are also welcome to attend.  

Thank you for your interest in serving in this capacity.  We appreciate your support of Sooner Parents.

Volunteer With OU Admissions and Recruitment

There are two ways to get involved in the admissions and recruitment process!

1. Write a letter to admitted students and/or prospective parents: This is a great way to start relationship building with students/parents earlier, beyond the Admissions and Recruitment staff. Start by congratulating the student on their acceptance and then explain what the OU experience (either as an OU parent or as an OU alumnus) means to you. 

2. Attend an event/host a visit with prospective students/parents: Want to be engaged in the recruitment process by attending an OU event and visiting with prospective students and families? 

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Participate with OU Alumni

OU Alumni Clubs are an extension of the University of Oklahoma and promote the university by serving as a liaison between OU and its alumni, students and friends. 

Find the OU Club Near You

Typical club activities include sponsoring athletic watch parties, assisting with student recruitment in your area, and hosting university speakers, from favorite professors to OU coaches.

To assist students financially, the OU Alumni Association offers a variety of scholarships through local alumni and society chapters across the country. OU's alumni clubs provide constant support to the student body through their generous contributions for scholarships for students from their club area, with the OU Alumni Association matching this amount through tuition waivers.