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Give To President's Community Scholars

Contribute Your Time

Contributing your time through various volunteer opportunities is one way to support PCS. For more information, please explore immediate volunteer needs on the Leadership and Volunteerism website.

Financial Contribution

The PCS Scholarship currently provides a tuition waiver for Oklahoma students and for out-of-state students.  Our dream is to also provide a cash award for these students.  The cash award will truly make a difference in the lives of these students who dedicate much of their time to serving the community and consequently have less time for employment while they are full-time students. Your gift would help to endow a PCS cash scholarship for truly deserving students.

Programming funds are also essential to the success of PCS.  The following giving levels will contribute greatly to providing the type of quality programming that the program deserves.

$10,000 - Retreat Sponsor: The overnight retreat is the single biggest program expense but is worth every penny of the cost.

$5,000 - Retreat Co-Sponsor: Share the cost of the retreat with another sponsor.

Mentor Sponsor: Each year a group of former PCS students are selected to serve as mentors for the freshmen. This connection with a successful, former PCS students provides another relationship that contributes to the success of the freshmen.

$1,000 - Program T-Shirts Sponsor: Scholars receive a PCS t-shirt which they wear throughout the year at community service activities and other events to build group identity.

If you would like more information about how to support PCS, please email