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Loveworks Presentations

PLC's Community Impact

Loveworks Leadership Presentations

In 2014, the President's Leadership Class began a partnership with local nonprofit organization Loveworks Leadership. Loveworks is committed to helping middle school students reach their full potential through hosting afterschool, entrepreneurship and other programs for middle schoolers.

During their freshman year, PLC students plan an hour-long leadership presentation for Loveworks middle school students. Based on different leadership "habitudes," these leadership lessons help instill positive messages with Loveworks' students.

Loveworks' partnership with the Presidents Leadership Class at OU has had a tremendous impact on our students. Each group from PLC brings creativity, energy, and their unique flavor to teaching leadership to middle school students. The exposure to high achieving college freshmen has opened the eyes of our students to new possibilities and we've seen many members of PLC continue to invest into our students beyond their freshman year. - D Smith, Afterschool Director, Loveworks Leadership

A look at some of our students' presentations:

PLC Loveworks Presentations


To learn more about Loveworks Leadership, visit here.