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Ph.D in Finance

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PhD in Finance

The Ph.D. in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance program at the University of Oklahoma is a small, high-quality Ph.D. program stressing solid preparation, close working relationships between the faculty and Ph.D. students, and strong placements. Our goal is to provide graduates with the necessary knowledge and training to pursue successful careers in research and teaching that expand and develop the frontiers of financial knowledge.

Ph.D. students work closely with an active nationally known faculty. A recently updated listing of the Academic Publications of the OU Finance Faculty documents over 350 publications in refereed academic journals. This includes 86 papers published in the most prestigious journals:

  •  Journal of Finance (26 papers)
  • Journal of Financial Economics (24 papers)
  •  Review of Financial Studies (9 papers)
  • Management Science (2 papers)
  • Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (25)

Finance faculty also rank very highly on two real-time research impact measures: the number of times their work has been cited by other researchers, according to Google Scholar (GS), and the number of times their posted research has been downloaded from the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN). Papers by OU finance faculty have accrued over 39,000 GS citations and have been downloaded from SSRN almost 160,000 times. Adding in the research impact of the two tenured Accounting professors most actively involved in the Finance Ph.D. program brings the citation and download totals to almost 49,000 and over 203,000, respectively.

Academic Publications of OU Finance Faculty

Our Ph.D. students work closely with faculty on academic research projects and we strongly encourage our doctoral students to publish in top journals as students. Our record of success with this strategy is detailed in the file below (click icon); 14 articles by twelve current or recently graduated Ph.D. students have been published in top-tier finance journals since 2010, while another 33 articles were published in other academic journals. In recent years almost all of our graduating Ph.D. students have had at least one paper coauthored with Price College finance faculty.

Journal Articles Published by Current & Recently Graduated OU Finance Ph.D. Students

Questions specific to the Finance portion of the program should be directed to the Finance Division coordinator, William L. Megginson, at General questions about the Ph.D. in Business Administration program admission requirements, such as GMAT, GRE, and TOEFL requirements, should be directed to the Ph.D. Academic Advisor, Calon-Nicole Gunter-Cox, at