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Ph.D in Finance

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PhD in Finance

The PhD in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance program at the University of Oklahoma is a small, high-quality PhD program stressing solid preparation, close working relationships between the faculty and PhD students, and strong placements. Our goal is to provide graduates with the necessary knowledge and training to pursue successful careers in research and teaching that expand and develop the frontiers of financial knowledge.

PhD students work closely with an active nationally known faculty. A recent study in the Journal of Finance Literature (winter 2005) ranked two of our finance faculty among the 50 most prolific authors in the top seven finance journals. Only one finance department at a public university had more. An earlier Journal of Finance study ranked the Price College finance faculty 20th among public universities in terms of publications per faculty in top finance journals and 15th  in citations per faculty member. A study in Financial Management in 2002 ranked us 56th among all finance departments and 26th among finance departments at public universities in terms of Journal of Finance equivalent  pages published in top finance journals. Most of the finance departments ranked higher in this study are much larger. Adjusted to a  pages published per faculty member basis, we rank 9th among finance  departments at public universities - the highest in the Big 12. In addition to teaching PhD classes, these faculty work closely with doctoral students on research projects. In recent years all our graduating PhD students have had at least one paper coauthored with Price College finance faculty.

Additional information about the PhD program, faculty, and students is available on these webpages. We also welcome inquires about the program.

Questions specific to the Finance portion of the program should be directed to the Finance Division coordinator, William L. Megginson, at General questions about the PhD in Business Administration program admission requirements, such as GMAT, GRE, and TOEFL requirements, should be directed to the PhD Academic Advisor, Calon-Nicole Gunter-Cox, at