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Faculty, Research, Publications and Collaborations

Ph.D. students at the University of Oklahoma work closely with an active research faculty. Price College faculty have published over 350 articles in refereed academic journals, including 86 papers published in the top finance journals. Their research has been cited over 39,000 times, according to Google Scholar, and the papers they have posted on the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN) have been downloaded almost 160,000 times. Faculty have also co-authored many published research studies in academic papers in collaboration with current and former Ph.D. students.

Price faculty has served in editorial capacities and have written featured articles in many prominent publications including:

  • Journal of Finance
  • Journal of Financial Economics
  • Review of Financial Studies
  • Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis
  • Journal of Economic Literature
  • Management Science
  • Journal of Accounting Research
  • Journal of Accounting & Economics
  • Journal of International Business Studies
  • Strategic Management Journal
  • Review of Finance
  • Journal of Corporate Finance

The faculty has broad research interests covering many topics in corporate finance, investments, financial markets, banking, microstructure, derivatives, and other topics. For more information on research interests, please see the websites of individual finance faculty.

Publications by Current & Recently Graduated OU Finance Ph.D. Students

Chitru Fernando, Anthony May and William Megginson, “The Value of Investment Banking Relationships: Evidence from the Collapse of Lehman Brothers,” Journal of Finance 67 (2012), pp. 235-270. Dr. May is a 2011 OU Ph.D. graduate; paper was under second review at JF while on the job market in 2011.

Tor-Erik Bakke, Hamed Mahmudi, Chitru Fernando, and Jesus Salas, “The Causal Effect of Option Pay on Corporate Risk Management,” Journal of Financial Economics 120, (June 2016), pp. 623-643. Dr. Salas a 2008 OU Ph.D. graduate and co-authors were OU professors.

Ginka Borisova, Kate Holland, Veljko Fotak, William Megginson, "Government Ownership and the Cost of Debt:  Evidence from Government Investments in Publicly Traded Firms,” Journal of Financial Economics 118 (October 2015), pp. 168-191. Drs. Borisova, Holland, and Fotak were 2008, 2013, and 2012 OU Ph.D. graduates; paper under JFE revision while Drs. Holland and Fotak were still Ph.D. students.

Veljko Fotak, Vikas Raman, and Pradeep Yadav, "Fails-to-Deliver, Short Selling, and Market Quality,” Journal of Financial Economics 114 (December 2014), pp. 493–516. Drs. Fotak and Raman were 2012 OU Ph.D. graduates; paper under JFE revision while both were Ph.D. students.

Bernardo Bortolotti, Veljko Fotak, William Megginson, “The Sovereign Wealth Fund Discount: Evidence from Public Equity Investments, Review of Financial Studies 28 (November 2015), 2993-3035. Dr. Fotak a 2012 OU Ph.D. graduate; paper was under RFS revision while still a Ph.D. student.

Michael Dewally, Louis Ederington, Chitru Fernando, “Determinants of trader profits in commodity futures markets,” Review of Financial Studies 26 (2013), 2648-63. Dr. Dewally a 2002 OU Ph.D. graduate.

Ginka Borisova and William Megginson, "Does Government Ownership Affect the Cost of Debt? Evidence from Privatization," Review of Financial Studies 24 (August 2011), 2693-2737. Dr. Borisova a 2008 OU Ph.D. graduate.

William Megginson and Gabriele Lattanzio, “The Financial Economics of Withdrawn Privatizations,” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. (Forthcoming 2021). Dr. Lattanzio a 2020 OU Ph.D. graduate; paper under JFQA revision while still a Ph.D. student.

Lubomir Litov, Kose John and Scott Guernsey, “Actively Keeping Secrets from Creditors: Evidence from the Uniform Trade Secrets Act” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. (Forthcoming). Dr. Guernsey a 2018 OU Ph.D. graduate.

Ederington, Louis H., Chitru S. Fernando, Kateryna Holland, Thomas C. Lee, and Scott Linn, 2021. Dynamics of Arbitrage. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (forthcoming). Dr. Holland a 2013 OU Ph.D. graduate.

Scott Linn, Pradeep Yadav, and Sridhar Gogineni, “Vertical and Horizontal Agency Problems in Private Firms: Ownership Structure and Operating Performance”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (Forthcoming 2021). Dr. Gogineni is a 2011 OU Ph.D. graduate.

Leo Pugachev and Andrea Schertler, “Neglecting Peter to Fix Paul: How Shared Directors Transmit Bank Shocks to Non-Financial Firms. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2020).

Louis Ederington with Wei Guan, “Longer-term Time Series Volatility Forecasts,” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 45 (August 2010), 1055-1076. Dr. Guan a 2003 OU Ph.D. graduate.

Amal Abeysekera and Chitru Fernando, “Corporate Social Responsibility versus Corporate Shareholder Responsibility: A Family Firm Perspective,” Journal of Corporate Finance 61 (April 2020). Dr. Abeysekera is a 2020 OU Ph.D. graduate.

Michael Alderson, Fang Lin, and Duane Stock, “Does the Choice between Fixed Price and Make Whole Call Provisions Reflect Differential Agency Costs,” Journal of Corporate Finance (2017). Dr. Lin a 2015 OU Ph.D. graduate.

Ginka Borisova and Pradeep Yadav, “Government Ownership, Informed Trading and Private Information,” Journal of Corporate Finance 33 (August 2015), pp. 196-211. Dr. Borisova is a 2008 OU Ph.D. graduate.

Chitru Fernando, Vladimir Gatchev, Anthony May, and William Megginson, “Prestige without Purpose? Reputation, Differentiation, and Pricing in U.S. Equity Underwriting,” Journal of Corporate Finance 32 (June 2015), pp. 41-63. Dr. May a 2011 OU Ph.D. graduate.

Chitru Fernando, Seth Hoelscher, and Vikas Raman, “The Informativeness of Derivatives Use: Evidence from Corporate Disclosure through Public Announcements,” Journal of Banking and Finance (2020). Drs. Hoechsler and Raman are, respectively, 2016 and 2012 OU Ph.D. graduates.

Leo Pugachev, “The Risk-Shifting Value of Payout: Evidence from Bank Enforcement Actions,” Journal of Banking and Finance (2019). Dr. Pugachev is a 2019 OU Ph.D. graduate.