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The integration of computing and audio-visual technologies into the instructional process has become the norm in Price College rather than the exception. In response, Price College maintains general purpose classrooms, conference rooms, presentation rooms, and study rooms with up-to-date multimedia capabilities. We recognize that it is critical that our classroom technology always operates at 100 percent and strive to provide a problem free instructional environment.

Adams Hall Classrooms

AH 100

AH 101

AH 104

AH 112

AH 150

AH 255

AH 304

AH 315

AH 352

AH 355

AH 359


Price Hall Classrooms

PH 2010

PH 2020

PH 2030

PH 2040

PH 3010

PH 3020

PH 3030

PH 3040

PH 3065


Price College Trading Lab (Adams Hall 109)
Monday-Friday: 9am-10pm, Saturday: 10am-10pm, Sunday: 1pm-10pm. Closed on the following dates: 9/2, 9/4, 9/9, 9/30, 10/21, 11/11

B Ad 1001 Testing Lab (Adams Hall 103)
Monday-Friday: 9am-10pm, Saturday: 10am-10pm, Sunday: 1pm-10pm. Closed on the following dates: 9/2, 9/4, 9/9, 9/30, 10/21, 11/11 

Faculty members use one of two methods to logon to the Instructor stations in the labs and classrooms. The first, and principal method is use their OUNetID and OUNetID password with the following procedure:

  • Username: USER#### (your OUNetID)
  • Password: (your OUNetID password)
  • This option allows access to Class Files, Class Files NP (Non-Public), and your home user (U: Drive) directory.

New faculty members may go to to activate a new account, change account preferences, and change their OUNetID password.

The second method is logon to the local machine as INSTRUCTOR with the following procedure:

  • Username: Contact IT for latest info
  • Password: Contact IT for latest info
  • When you logon as Instructor you will not have access to the PCB network (i.e. CLASSFILES) but you will have full access to the Internet and all applications locally available on the computer.

If you have any questions or need additional technology information about the classrooms or labs contact 105f (405) 325 - 4476.


The Center for Economic and Management Research is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all technology installed in Price College classrooms, special use rooms, presentation rooms, and conference rooms. Classroom technology support is divided into two primary categories; routine support and maintenance and immediate assistance.

Routine Support and Maintenance:

  • Creation and installation of computer image for all classroom computers
  • Disposition of classroom work orders submitted via the PCB Help Desk
  • Special classroom equipment set-up requests
  • Weekly, preventive troubleshooting of all computing and audio-visual technologies in all Price College classrooms
  • On-site support staff ready to respond any time a class is in session
  • Ongoing technical education for support staff

Immediate Assistance Through Support Hot Line

  • On-site support staff ready to respond any time a class is in session
  • Support Hot Line - each Adams Hall classroom is equipped with a direct phone line to the Classroom Support Center located in Adams Hall, Room 105F. Just pick up the phone to be connected with a Support Technician. In Price Hall, immediate assistance is obtained by selecting the help function located on the Crestron touch screen panel. Selecting this function will alert a Support Technician.

Current Classroom Software

Price College faculty may request installation of specific software applications to meet their instructional needs. Requests should be submitted through the Help Desk prior to the start of a semester. A valid copy of the software license is required prior to installation and remains on file. Installation codes or other instructions for installation of specialized software are required.

Component Specification
Operating System: Windows OS
Office Suite: Microsoft Office 
Web Browser: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome
Statistical Software: SAS, SPSS 
Application Development: Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio


In addition to support services, the PCB IT offers individualized training for all classroom technology to any faculty or staff assigned to a Price College classroom. Additionally, printed instructions are posted at each station to provide an on-site user reference.

Individualized training can be scheduled by emailing Greysen Jackson at