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Alumni Career Conference

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Alumni Career Conference

As college students, we are all interested in learning about a variety of fields within the business industry, and growing ourselves professionally to be the business leaders that our nation needs. The Alumni Career Conference is a perfect way for students to engage with alumni and develop skills that will benefit us as we enter the workforce in the near future. The conference allows students to hear from panelists in a variety of industries, that have been on many journeys through their professional careers, and can give quality advice on what it takes to be successful and make a meaningful impact on the world. Please join us.

Finding a Home, Working from Home, & Feeling at Home in a Post-COVID World

After a long period of uncertainty and disruption, our 2022 conference will focus on reimagining personal and professional life in this new post-COVID era. Our speakers and panelists will provide insight into ways the pandemic has drastically impacted many aspects of our lives, from the real estate market, to the landscape of traditional work-life balance, and how recent graduates transition into the current workforce.

According to the US Gallop Poll in 2021, 56% of US workers stated they worked remotely all or part of the time during the pandemic. This statistic can be correlated to the changes in the real estate market, with the total number of co-working spaces expecting to double by 2024. PwC Workforce Pulse Survey found that the pandemic forced companies to rethink the employee experience, as recent graduates can expect to enter a workforce that prioritizes non-traditional benefits such as vacation time, flexible work hours, training opportunities, and mental health benefits.

In addition to our keynote speaker, each panel will focus on how to adjust to the various changes caused by the pandemic, in addition to, providing the necessary knowledge needed to leverage your skillsets and advocate for yourself within the workplace.

Lauren Roberts, Conference Director

Finding a Home, Working from Home, & Feeling at Home in a Post-COVID World

  Friday April 22, 2022
Time:  9:00AM - 1:00PM
Location:  OCCE Forum Building , 1704 Asp Ave, Norman, OK 73072


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Promotional graphic for the Alumni Career Conference Friday, April 22, 2022 8:30am - 1:00pm at the OCCE Forum