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Alumni Spotlight

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Meet Some Alumni

Hady Abdulhady
Class of 2023
Dir. of Business Development and Sales, thyssenkrupp Uhde, 
Houston, Texas

"The EMBA in Energy significantly contributed to my professional development by providing a holistic understanding of the energy industry. It broadened my perspective, deepening my insights into the financial, regulatory, and strategic dimensions of the energy sector. The program also honed my skills in leadership and strategic management, essential for navigating the complex and evolving energy landscape." 


Andrew Blaquiere
Class of 2018
Managing Director, MDL, Aberdeen, Scotland

"By completing the EMBA program, it gave me the confidence and drive to pursue new opportunities. I was able to transition from a project manager role into a VP role with a new firm who valued the skill set I earned by completing the OU EMBA program." 

Zach Burdine
Class of 2018
Area President, Risk Placement Services, Austin, Texas

"Through this program, I was able to distinguish myself from my peers in terms of knowledge and credentials. When you talk about an industry-focused program, the deep dive we did in so many areas can’t be understated." 

Drew Deaton
Class of 2015
CEO, Red Wolf Natural Resources LLC, Edmond, Oklahoma

"My favorite aspects of the EMBA program were twofold. First, the professors teaching have real-world experience and the classes offered are immediately useful to someone in the energy industry currently. Second, my cohorts who I was in class with were very impressive and we ended up learning a lot from each other as we worked through the coursework together."

Aimee Duffy
Class of 2021
Director of Asset Management, Apex Clean Energy, Charlottesville, Virginia

"Most people are not going to MBA programs and having the all-stars of the field actually teach their classes, so that has been terrific. You gain the subject matter education, but you also get the career and the life experience handed down to you as well, and that’s invaluable." 

Sarah Fenton
Class of 2019
Sr. Vice President of Asset Performance, EQT Corp., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"The EMBA program was relevant to today's climate in the energy space and prepares current leaders for the headwinds facing our industry today." 

Mickey Friedrich
Class of 2015
Co-CEO, Driftwood Energy, Dallas, Texas

"I believe the EMBA has had a significant effect on my career – not because it’s on my resume, but because of the person it helped me become." 

Kelly Hewitt
Class of 2019
Principal Energy Specialist, Central West Asia Department, Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines

"Earning an EMBA from OU helped me to embrace leadership opportunity with deliberate purpose. Before completing my EMBA, I took my career and successes for granted. My circle of inclusion of ideas and perspective grew immensely because of my OU EMBA studies." 

Omkar Jaripatke
Class of 2016
Director of Budgeting, Planning and Scheduling, Pioneer Natural Resources

"OU’s Energy EMBA program seemed a perfect fit for my goals. I can proudly say that the curriculum was comprehensive and rigorous. It has helped me significantly in performing my current role at Pioneer."  

Tim Pearson
Class of 2017
Sr. Manager of Commercial, Team Inc., Houston, Texas

"After graduating, my OU degree continued to open more opportunities. Recruiters were calling me. Ultimately, I am fortunate to earn at least three times more in total compensation than when I started the program. My education, work experience, soft skills, personal reputation, and connections have really increased my value and opened doors for interviews, promotions and service to the community. "


Lawrence Ramnath
Class of 2017
Sr. Manager of HSE and Low Carbon for World Regions, BP, Houston, Texas

"My favorite part of the EMBA program was the curriculum. The program courses not only inspired genuine interest but were critical to any energy leader wanting to enhance their career and generate value for the business they represented."

Bevin VanGilder
Class of 2019
Lower Carbon Director, Chevron, Houston, Texas

"The EMBA has allowed me to be more competitive at higher levels within my company. Since joining the program, I have changed roles within Chevron four times, increasing my responsibility with each assignment."