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Andrew Blaquiere

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EMBA in Energy Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Blaquiere

Headshot of Andrew Blaquiere

Andrew Blaquiere earned his EMBA in Energy in 2018 as a member of Cohort 7. He is managing director of MDL, a company seeking to deliver superior back-deck products and solutions to oil and energy companies with offshore operations. Blaquiere assumed that role in September 2020, after being promoted from his previous position as VP-Americas. He also served as EMBA in Energy Alumni Association president from 2018-20. 

What was your favorite aspect of the EMBA program and why?  

My classmates. Going into the program, I did not expect to be exposed to the high quality of diversity of thought and diverse experience and backgrounds from my classmates. I also did not expect to garner new friendships from the program. Both caught me by surprise and made the program so much more rewarding. Working hard, learning new skills and mastering new ideas is much more fulfilling when you are working around people you enjoy spending time with and value their ideas. 

How has earning your EMBA affected your career?  

Prior to completing my EMBA, I had a basic level of understanding of corporate finance, risk management, capital budgeting and energy trading. After completing the course work, my depth of knowledge on these topics grew exponentially. By completing the EMBA program, it gave me the confidence and drive to pursue new opportunities. I was able to transition from a project manager role into a VP role with a new firm who valued the skill set I earned by completing the OU EMBA program. 

By working with a smaller firm that has a more hands-on management culture and approach, I have been challenged to bring my education into the organization and drive improvements. After about three years in the role as VP, I was offered the role as Managing Director to drive and shape the organization. I can confidently say that the successes I have experienced in my career since graduating are highly attributable to the OU EMBA program and the strong relationships I developed with classmates who I frequently lean on for guidance and mentorship. 

What advice do you have for navigating change and uncertainty in today’s energy market?  

As a new leader running a 21-year-old business that has navigated multiple energy market crashes, I recognize the need for management of change as the energy sector, specifically offshore O&G, is experiencing unchartered territory with the double black swan - COVID and oil price crash. Our approach to change management is to empower new and younger eyes to review our business and be the catalyst for change. We recognize our old way of working is not sustainable in today’s world and capturing marginal gains across all business functions will be the key to success. Unfortunately, there is not a one solution fixes all problems approach, but rather with the implementation of cultural changes we can drive a culture of proactive responsiveness with the hopes that we can more readily handle future external market dynamics. 

What piece of advice do you have for emerging energy executives? 

Be clear on what you want and where you want to be. If you feel you are not qualified to get where you want to go than invest in yourself to develop your skill sets. Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you. And when you finally get to where you want to be, pay it forward and help an emerging executive.