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Omkar Jaripatke

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EMBA in Energy Alumni Spotlight: Omkar Jaripatke

Headshot of Omkar Jaripatke

Omkar Jaripatke earned his EMBA in Energy in 2016 as a member of Class 7. Based in Irving, he is the director of budgeting, planning and scheduling at Pioneer Natural Resources. 

Why did you choose the EMBA in Energy program at OU?  

I was focused on finding a program that would teach me the principles of business administration and the management of oil and gas business. I was specifically interested in learning the business of an oil and gas operator. OU’s Energy EMBA program seemed a perfect fit for my goals. I can proudly say that the curriculum was comprehensive and rigorous. It has helped me significantly in performing my current role at Pioneer.  

What was your favorite or the most valuable aspect of the EMBA program and why?  

I found the Oil & Gas Accounting, Derivatives, and Corporate Finance courses most valuable for my personal and professional growth. My favorite part of the program was the camaraderie of my classmates and the lifelong friendships that we made. The faculty members were accommodating and always available to answer questions, even on the weekends. I also appreciated that Dr. Ghosh always sought feedback from us to improve the program.  

How has earning your EMBA affected your career? 

After pursuing this education, I better understand the core aspects of an oil and gas company's business. In addition, I am better equipped to understand, plan and strategize topics involving accounting, corporate finance, hedging and investor relations.  

What advice do you have for navigating change and uncertainty in today’s energy market? 

Always strive to be the best, put in 100% effort in the current assignment/role. Keep enhancing your skill sets, and always have a Plan B.