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Tim Pearson

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EMBA in Energy Alumni Spotlight: Tim Pearson

Tim Pearson

Tim Pearson earned his EMBA in Energy in 2017. He is currently the senior manager of commercial for Team Inc., responsible for pricing and business strategy for the company’s top oil and gas industry clients. Pearson previously worked as an account executive at Veritas Petroleum Services after enjoying several years working for companies like SGS and TÜV Rheinland North America.  

Why did you choose the EMBA in Energy program at OU? 
When I first applied to the University of Oklahoma, I was a project coordinator/manager for engineering and manufacturing projects with about 15 years of career experience. I knew I needed to legitimize my education and build my hard skills with an MBA. With the help and support of my wife, we selected the Executive MBA in Energy program at OU. One key deciding factor was the cohort size; there were only 16 of us in my cohort, which provided an opportunity for me to engage with everybody in the program. Another reason was the OU network. Even now, as an alum, if I need to ask a question about the industry, I can call anybody in my cohort or other cohorts, and they'll answer my question.

What was your favorite aspect of the EMBA program and why? 
The program's international component was critical to my learning experience and overall development within my field. My time in London opened my eyes to the global perspective and paved the way as my career continued to develop on an international level. I also met some of the best people you could imagine within my field while in the EMBA program. Working with the program’s executive coach also helped me learn so much more about how a person's personality type plays into their communication styles.   

 "Ultimately, I am fortunate to earn at least three times more in total compensation than when I started the program."

How has earning your EMBA affected your career?   
Having OU on your resume is a recognized name in the industry, and oil and gas professionals often comment, 'This person is educated and informed because he comes from a premier energy school.'

From interviewing to completing the program, I transitioned from a coordinator to a contracts manager role. After I graduated in the spring, my company promoted me to a strategic business development position. The program gave me the confidence to sit at the table with executive decision-makers. When an executive asks me, 'What do you think we should do?' I have an answer or the ability to find one. 

The international program experience was very beneficial in applying to my positions at SGS, based out of Geneva, and TÜV Rheinland, based out of Cologne, Germany. It gave me a valuable perspective in engaging with businesspeople worldwide.

After graduating, my OU degree continued to open more opportunities. Recruiters were calling me. Ultimately, I am fortunate to earn at least three times more in total compensation than when I started the program. My education, work experience, soft skills, personal reputation, and connections have really increased my value and opened doors for interviews, promotions and service to the community. 

How did you manage to work full time while attending the program?  
Time management is everything. Intentionality and planning ahead were two factors that would help me succeed beyond anything else. I woke up each Saturday knowing I had to look ahead at what was coming down the pipeline the following week. Monday morning and the work week always come quickly, so it was imperative for me that I used all of my time wisely. Also, I needed to work harder on certain courses that I found more challenging – I didn't just want to complete the classes, so they would be off my plate and not look back. Instead, I wanted to truly understand and synthesize the course material as I knew I would use these tools moving forward.  

I feel so much pride about having the opportunity to go to OU and graduate, and I am so thankful that everybody gave me that opportunity!

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