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Our 36-hour Online MBA program is designed in a modular format, with each semester being broken into two 8-week modules. Our self-paced program allows you to take a course load that fits your life, so you can complete the program in as little as 2 years or take as long as 5 years. Courses are taught by the same top-tier faculty as our Full-time MBA. Most Online MBA classes are delivered synchronously, in real-time, online in the evenings during the week from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM CT. Some courses are delivered asynchronously through recorded lectures. Asynchronous courses are indicated on the sample course schedule. Most Online MBA students will choose to take two classes a week, allowing them to graduate in two years.

Online MBA students may earn a general MBA or choose to specialize in Supply Chain Management. Additional Online MBA certificate options are anticipated in the future. 

Supply Chain Management Certificate Courses Include:

  1. Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management: SCM 5502
  2. Logistics, Distribution, and Transportation Management: SCM 5402
  3. Planning/Operation Management: SCM 5522 *
  4. Strategic Sourcing and Supply Management: SCM 5422
  5. Supply Chain Excellence in a Global World: SCM 5562
  6. Modeling, Analytics, and Decision Making: SCM 5572

Online MBA students who choose to earn a certificate in Supply Chain Management will take the six electives above. Earning a certificate does not extend time to graduation. The completed Online MBA is 36 credit hours. Students earning a certificate in Supply Chain Management wil take 6 coursees dedicated to that field. The remaining 24 credit hours is made up of core classes. All SCM courses are delivered synchronously (live, online lectures) *except SCM 5522, which is asynchronous.