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Accelerated BBA + MS-MIT

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Accelerated BBA + MS-MIT

Program Description

This program gives you the ability to earn the MS-MIT degree within a year of completing your BBA.

Why is the BBA + MS-MIT program right for you?

The accelerated BBA + MS-MIT program is a great opportunity for undergraduate students who are pursuing a BBA degree to earn a master’s degree with a specialization in data analytics in only one additional year. The program is designed to allow a student to share hours between both their BBA degree and the MS in MIT degree. The accelerated program allows a student to save not only time but money as well.

When should you apply for the BBA + MS-MIT degree?

At the beginning of your junior (third) year, it is time to start thinking about applying to the BBA + MS-MIT program. During this time, students should begin preparing to take the GMAT. During the 2nd semester of their junior (third) year:

  • Take GMAT  (*except current OU MIS majors who 1) have a GPA >= 3.33; AND 2) no C’s in  MIS courses, for whom this requirement may be waived*)
  • Apply for admission to the MS in MIT program