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3d printers gift

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3-D printers now available to Price students

Price students now have easy access to 3-D printers. They can be found in:

  • A 3-D printer is in the Rath Scholars Technology Center in PH Room 1030.
  • A second printer will be available March 5, 2014, in the Business Communication Center in PH Room 2050.
  • Placement of a third printer to be determined.

The One University Store donated the 3-D printers. Price Associate Professor Jeffrey B. Schmidt, marketing and supply chain management division, has worked with the donor for more than one year.

The One University Store in the Oklahoma Memorial Union also provides 3-D printing. “Demand has been strong since One University Store started letting students print 3-D models, however, our Price students now can print complex 3-D shapes right here in Price Hall,” he says.