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Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost

Evans Hall, Suite 104
660 Parrington Oval
Norman, OK 73019

Phone: 405.325.3221
Fax: 405.325.7470

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Meet the Team


J. Irvine André-Denis Wright

Senior Vice President and Provost

Evans Hall, Suite 104

Meet the Provost

Mark Morvant Mark Morvant

Vice Provost for Instruction and Student Success

Evans Hall, Suite 104

  • Leads student retention and graduation initiatives
  • Oversees General Education and Multi-Disciplinary Studies program
  • Leads enrollment planning and instruction
  • Oversees classrooms, schedules, and space management for Academic Affairs
  • Serves as OU liaison to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
Sarah Ellis Sarah Ellis

Vice Provost for Faculty

Evans Hall, Suite 104

  • Oversees Academic Program Review
  • Serves as Provost’s liaison for faculty performance evaluation, promotion, and tenure
  • Manages faculty and academic chair/director career development initiatives
  • Oversees community engagement initiatives
Jeff Blahnik Jeff Blahnik

Vice President for the Division of Enrollment Management

Buchanan Hall, Room 226

  • Leads division with teams that include Admissions and Recruitment, Financial Aid, Registrar and Enrollment Communication.
  • Leads university undergraduate enrollment growth efforts.
  • Works with the Colleges to optimize enrollment through communication and outreach.
  • Collaborates with other departments on retention and graduation efforts.
Grey Allman Grey Allman

Associate Provost for Policy and Administration

Evans Hall, Suite 104

  • Provides guidance on academic policies and procedures
  • Manages office communications and operations
  • Oversees academic leadership searches
  • Serves as liaison to staff at the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education regarding academic reporting and program development
  • Plans and coordinates special events
Aaron Biggs Aaron Biggs

Associate Provost for Academic Technology

Evans Hall, Suite 104

  • Serves as Chief Technology Strategist and advisor to the Senior Vice President and Provost
  • Serves as Chair of the Provost Advisor Committee on Learning Technologies
  • Serves as Chair of the Campus Information Technology Leaders group
  • Represents the Provost's Office on the Information Technology Council
  • Oversees course and instructor evaluations
  • Develops and administers iAdvise, ClassNav, eValuate, eSurvey and TPS applications
Scott Fritzen Scott Fritzen

Associate Provost for Global Engagement

Farzaneh Hall, Room 107

  • Oversees service provision to all OU international students, and leads efforts to improve their campus experience
  • Oversees study abroad programs and policies, international student exchanges, and OU’s study centers in Mexico and Italy
  • Develops strategies for deepening OU’s academic and research partnerships across the world
Susannah Livingood Susannah Livingood

Associate Provost and Director,
Institutional Research and Reporting

Institutional Research and Reporting website

Monnet Hall, Room 563

  • Oversees Institutional Research & Reporting, which maintains official university data
  • Publishes annual fact book
  • Coordinates official response to external surveys
  • HLC Accreditation Liaison Officer/Assurance System Coordinator, IPEDS Keyholder, and UDS Data Coordinator
Kathleen Shea Smith Kathleen Shea Smith

Associate Provost for Academic Advising

Cate 1, Room 418

  • Oversees institutional advising systems to ensure student-centered outcomes
  • Contributes to the institution's retention initiatives
  • Coordinates academic life coaching to enhance advising delivery systems
  • Partners with campus stakeholders to achieve student success and degree completion
  • Serves as liaison to the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Academic Advising
Chris Walker Chris Walker

Associate Provost for Academic Integrity

Evans Hall, Suite 104

  • Oversees faculty concerns and student appeals
  • Serves as Provost's liaison to the President's Hotline, Disability Services, and the English Assessment Program
  • Represents the Provost's Office on the Behavioral Intervention Team
  • Manages faculty and staff conflict of interest process
  • Oversees student academic integrity office and initiatives
Matt Hamilton Matt Hamilton

Special Assistant to the Provost

Evans Hall, Suite 104

  • Serves as liaison to, OU’s online official bookstore
  • Coordinates with veteran programming and serves as “University Champion” for PAVE (Peer Advisors for Veteran Education)
  • Represents the university as Trustee to the Lew Wentz Foundation, which provides low interest supplemental loans to students on all OU campuses

Operational Support Staff

Megan Donaghe Megan Donaghe

Executive Assistant and Faculty Support Coordinator

Direct Line: 405.325.3198
  • Provides administrative support for Vice Provost of Faculty, including promotion and tenure, academic program review, and PACWI
  • Coordinates special events
  • Manages the Provost's Administrative Calendar
Megan Hardeman Megan Hardeman

Coordinator for Academic Programming

Direct Line: 405.325.5033
  • Provides administrative support for dream courses
  • Manages the Provost's Academic Bulletin
  • Coordinates faculty, staff, and Graduate Awards
Paula Hansen Paula Hansen

Executive Assistant to the Provost and Office Manager

Direct Line: 405.325.3223
  • Provides administrative support to the Provost and to the Director of Operations
  • Manages the Provost's schedule and calendar
  • Coordinates Dean's Council and new faculty luncheons
  • Coordinates appointments to campus councils and committees
Shearon Wood Shearon Wood

Executive Assistant

Direct Line: 405.325.1254
  • Provides administrative support for Vice Provost of Instruction and Student Success
  • Provides administrative support for PAC-GEO and PAC-CS
  • Processes President's Honor Roll and Multi-Disciplinary Studies Honor Roll

Academic Financial & Personnel Records Staff

Lizi Young Lizi Young

Director – Academic Personnel Records & Finance
  • Oversees financial operations of the Provost’s Office and Provost Direct Units
  • Manages Academic Personnel Records team
  • ePAF review and approval at Provost-Senior level, including PreAuth review and Regents’ actions
  • Provides guidance to colleges on Human Resource matters affecting faculty appointments and staff within Academic Affairs
Diana Fitzpatrick Diana Fitzpatrick

Manager Academic Personnel Records
  • Coordinates Academic Personnel Records
  • Oversees Regents agenda and actions
  • ePAF review and approval at Provost-Senior level, including Architecture, Fine Arts, International Studies, and University Libraries
  • OU Net accounts (Academic Affairs)
Hope Burdette Hope Burdette

Administrative Coordinator
  • ePAF review and approval at Provost-Initial level for Arts & Sciences