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Meet the Team

Meet the Team



André Denis-Wright

Senior Vice President

and Provost


Assistant: Paula Hansen


Mark Morvant

Senior Vice Provost

for Student Success


Assistant: Shearon Wood


Sarah Ellis

Vice Provost

for Faculty


Assistant: Megan Donaghe


Jeff Blahnik

Vice President for the Division of Enrollment Management


Assistant: Anne O'Shields


  Enrollment Management


Grey Allman

Associate Provost for Policy and Administration


Aaron Biggs

Associate Provost for Academic Technology


Rebecca Cruise

Interim Associate Provost
for Global Engagement


  Education Abroad


Susannah Livingood

Associate Provost

Director of Institutional Research and Reporting




Kathleen Shea Smith

Associate Provost for Academic Advisement


  Academic Advising


Chris Walker

Associate Provost for Academic Integrity


  Academic Integrity


Matt Hamilton

Special Assistant to the Provost


PK Imbrie

Special Assistant to the Provost

Operations Staff


Paula Hansen

Executive Assistant to the Provost and Office Manager


Megan Donaghe

Executive Assistant and Faculty Support Coordinator


Shearon Wood

Executive Assistant


Virginia Davis

Program Manager

Student Support Services

Renee Williams

Executive Director of Course Strategy Initiatives & Student Success

Johnnie-Margaret McConnell

Director of Transfer Student Success

Danielle Lindley

Director of Graduation and Persistance Support

Miloš Savić

Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

Academic Personnel Records & Financial Staff

Lizi Young

Director of Academic Personnel Records & Finance

Diana Fitzpatrick

Manager of Academic Personnel Records

Hope Burdette

Administrative Coordinator

Blake Copeland

Administrative Coordinator