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Real Estate

Bizzell Memorial Library at night, surrounded by trees.


The management, acquisition, disposal, and leasing of all Norman Campus real property is coordinated by Real Estate Operations, a department under the division of Campus Operations. All University real estate (land, buildings, air rights, water rights, timber rights, and mineral rights) is owned by The University of Oklahoma, and not by the administrative unit that is assigned, occupies, or otherwise uses the real estate. 

OU Real Estate Operations is a member of The Association of University Real Estate Officials and Building Owners and Management Association. 


For general inquiries regarding real property, contact

To contact your property manager, please view the information below. 

Beau Jennings

Director of Real Estate Operations | 405.325.6041
510 East Chesapeake Street, Room 105, Norman, OK  73019

Kim Fairbanks

Property Manager, North Campus | 405.325.0530

1700 Lexington Avenue, Room 209, Norman, OK  73069

Jill Richardson

Property Manager, South Campus | 405.325.2814
510 East Chesapeake Street, Room 105, Norman, OK  73019