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Prior Learning Assessment Credits

Prior Learning Assessment Credits

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OU encourages capable students to seek prior learning assessment credit for knowledge they may have acquired in a variety of ways. Students enrolled (or pre-enrolled) at OU and former students eligible to re-enroll may take prior learning assessment examinations for undergraduate credit, provided that they have not been enrolled in an equivalent course at the college level and received a grade other than W.


A student enrolled in and attending a course may earn credit in that course by prior learning assessment examination up to the end of the second week of class in a regular semester or the first week of a summer session. When a student earns credit in the course by examination, the student may drop the course enrollment with no fee assessment, provided the course is dropped within the specified free drop period for the term. Refunds will not be made for courses dropped after the defined free drop period.

Students will receive credit for prior learning according to the credit recommendations published in the current brochure/website at the time we receive the prior learning scores.

The amount of prior learning assessment credit that may be applied toward a degree is subject to OU graduation requirements and the degree-recommending college in which a student will earn a degree. The dean of the degree-recommending college will determine how this credit applies toward a degree.

The neutral grade of satisfactory (S) will be assigned to all types of prior learning assessment credit authorized by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

Should a student fail a prior learning assessment examination, no grade will be recorded. In addition, a student may not receive credit for a repeat of an exam previously failed. Students should consult OU Admissions & Recruitment or the Center for Independent and Distance Learning to discuss other test options.

The regulations governing prior learning assessment credit mentioned above apply to all of the OU prior learning assessment options available.

The credit recommendations outlined on the following pages are effective through January 2024 and are subject to change thereafter. However, OU is not responsible for changes in scoring or test offerings made by national testing programs. When such changes occur, OU may have to adjust its credit acceptance policies accordingly. This site contains the most current information on OU's advanced standing credit acceptance policies.