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Degree Inventory

Degree Inventory

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The University of Oklahoma's Degree Program Inventory contains information about all of the degree programs offered at OU. While the focus of the document is currently-active programs, some information about deleted or modified programs is also included for reference.

The Degree Program Inventory document is revised and published once a year, but new programs are approved several times a year. This means that there will always be a few new programs that are active and available to students that will not be listed in this document until the next update. It is also important to note that the focus of this inventory is to provide information about degree-granting programs, with only a few non-degree specialty codes included for reference.

When reading a degree program inventory, it is helpful to understand some of the specific language used. OU major code explanations are explained in the DPI Code Sheet (PDF). To find further information about Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) codes, please refer to the CIP code entry in the OU Institutional Research & Reporting Glossary, and to the National Center for Education Statistics website. A table summarizing the number of degree programs and majors available is available at Counts by College (PDF).