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vice president for research and partnerships

core purpose & values

igniting and catalyzing  excellence in research and creative activity to change people's lives
with respect

Value the individual; strengthen and recognize the team

Use kindness and respect to motivate others

Actively listen and encourage expression, thoughts, and ideas

with integrity

Chase the extraordinary and inspire innovation

Uphold the highest standards for research ethics and integrity

Be responsible stewards of the University’s resources

Be trustworthy and courageous; stand up for what is right

by communicating

Operate with openness and transparency

Provide effective and timely support

Deliver on promises and surpass expectations

Prioritize a positive and attentive attitude

For all

Welcome and promote varied perspectives, backgrounds, and communities

Address disparities and biases in research and creative activities

Ensure the representation of diverse viewpoints in decision-making processes

Enhance research impact through broad participation

through knowledge

Catalyze transdisciplinary research to solve global challenges

Empower creativity and discovery of the unknown

Anticipate and respond to local and national imperatives

Foster the translation of knowledge into solutions for humanity

in leadership

Embolden researchers to cross traditional boundaries to solve the impossible

Be visionary, take risks, pursue audacious goals

Invest in high risk, high impact ideas

Create a trusting team environment that inspires bold thinking