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Corporate Portal

The Office of Corporate Partnerships and Regional Economic Development serves as a bridge between business/industry and the university on behalf of the Office of Vice President for Research and Partnerships, as described in the Lead On strategic plan (Pillar 5, Strategy 1, Tactic 6): Create new Office of Corporate Partnerships to lead the effort to grow strategic research partnerships with private sector and philanthropies. The establishment of this office within OVPRP indicates the importance of industry-sponsored projects to help solve the most pressing problems and to explore promising opportunities through research endeavors.

OCP is a central point of contact for companies to connect with researchers and resources at all schools and colleges on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus. OCP facilitates the initial connection and continues to manage corporate relationships on an ongoing basis. 

OCP serves as a resource for our internal and external partners and works closely with Office of Research Services, Office of Legal Counsel, and Office of Technology Commercialization to negotiate and execute the agreements necessary to partner. Our goal is to streamline the process to make collaboration easy!

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Joyce Burch
Director, Corporate Partnerships and Regional Economic Development


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For Companies:

OCP is the central point of contact between companies of all sizes and faculty/researchers, and manages productive partnerships by leveraging OU’s world-class research talent to help industry solve their most pressing problems and opportunities. 

Please contact OCP to begin a discussion about partnering with the University of Oklahoma. We are responsive, collaborative, and look for mutually beneficial ways to partner.

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For Faculty:

OCP can assist faculty by facilitating networking opportunities with industry, helping with private industry related requests, and managing the resulting relationships. Please contact OCP if you have any questions about connecting with industry, any type of legal agreements, if you would like to offer corporate partners a tour, or have questions about the business community. 


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Economic Development:

OCP works with area Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) to assist in recruiting new companies to the state. A primary consideration in deciding where to locate a facility is availability of talent. Our office can offer prospective companies information on the curriculum for specific majors, the talent pipeline, and research strengths. The presence of a major research university with talented researchers and potential recruits can sway a company to locate in the region, and a relationship can be established before the company locates in Oklahoma! 

OCP is also the point of contact for companies wanting to establish a presence near our faculty and students at University Research Campus (URC). URC is a 277- acre world class collaborative campus environment with partners engaged in academic and private sector research, commerce, and service that leads to social, economic, and academic advancement – improving the global quality of life. Founded in 2003, the URC is home to private companies, academic and research departments and agencies, more than 700 private sector employees, more than 300 Federal employees, and nearly 2000 people who make up what is an award-winning and nationally recognized University Research Campus. The campus focuses on advanced technology across many disciplines, with a strong focus on weather and radar, as home to the National Weather Center and Radar Innovations Lab. The campus has grown from the initial investment in the Stephenson Technology Research Center to include the construction of the National Weather Center, five partner buildings housing private and public entities, the Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center, the Radar Innovations Lab, and new development plans underway. 


In the News

Joyce Burch

Joyce Burch represented OU and Oklahoma to site selectors in the DFW area. The annual Select Oklahoma event featured several Oklahoma dignitaries including Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell, Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce and Workforce Development Chad Mariska, Executive Director of Commerce Brent Kisling. Attendees networked with the Oklahoma delegation and learned about collaborations in Oklahoma.

January 17, 2023. 

Stephanie Wickham, (far right) senior director of research at Cytovance Biologics, recently hosted a tour of Cytovance’s facilities for (left to right) Zahed Siddique, Dean John Klier, Marilyn Korhonen and Talayeh Razzaghi from the Gallogly College of Engineering. Photo provided by Joyce Burch, Office of Innovation and Corporate Partnerships.

Cytovance Biologics is a biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing company specializing in the production of therapeutic proteins and antibodies from both mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation. In addition to its cGMP manufacturing services, the company offers process development, cGMP cell banking and support services from its state-of-the-art Oklahoma City facilities. Cytovance is providing feedback on the specialized equipment that will be installed in the biotech core facility funded by the EDA Build Back Better Regional Challenge.  

October 28, 2022. 

Oklahoma Biotech Innovation Cluster representatives discuss the future of the six key projects during the Kickoff Meeting with EDA representatives on Sept. 21, 2022.

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development and Chief Operating Officer Dennis Alvord met with coalition members, including industry and education leaders and community-based organizations, in Oklahoma City on Sept. 21 to celebrate the Oklahoma Biotech Innovation Cluster initiative.

Sept 22, 2022. 

Executive Director of OU’s Advanced Radar Research Center Robert Palmer, pictured with OU Director of Corporate Partnerships Joyce Burch, accepted the first-ever Education Innovator of the Year from 405 Business Magazine on Sept. 20, 2022.

Executive Director of OU’s Advanced Radar Research Center Robert Palmer, pictured with OU Director of Corporate Partnerships Joyce Burch, accepted the first-ever Education Innovator of the Year from 405 Business Magazine.

Sept 20, 2022. 



Joyce Burch

Joyce Burch
Director of the Office of Corporate Partnerships and Regional Economic Development


Joyce Burch is the Director of the Office of Corporate Partnerships and Regional Economic Development. Joyce has been with OU for three years, starting in the Entrepreneurship & Economic Development Division in Price College as the Director of Public/Private Partnerships, and also served as Project Manager for the establishment of the Executive MBA in Aerospace & Defense. She assembled the Aerospace & Defense Industry Roundtable, composed of local A&D companies and organizations. The A&D Industry Roundtable advised the university on the requirements and needs of industry and helped to craft the curriculum. Roundtable advisors included leaders from Acorn Growth Companies, Boeing, Tinker AFB, FAA, Northrup Grumman, Booz Allen Hamilton, Delaware Resource Group, Flight Safety, Kratos, and others. 

Joyce has 15 years of Economic Development experience and believes that OU’s healthy relationships with industry are beneficial to both the university and the economic growth of the state.