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Funding Opportunities

Research Council Funding Opportunities

The Norman Campus Research Council funding portfolio has been substantially revised to improve its effectiveness for supporting faculty and professional staff scholarship. The full descriptions of eligibility depend on the specific funding program and can be found in the links below.

Arts & Humanities Faculty Fellowship Program (AHFF)

The purpose of the AHFF program is to support dynamic and innovative research and creative activity projects proposed by regular faculty in the arts, fine arts, and humanities by providing them the opportunity to focus on a scholarly and/or creative activity that significantly transforms the faculty member’s research program and makes notable contributions to the field.

Program Information

Faculty Investment Program (FIP)

The Faculty Investment Program provides funding on a competitive basis to develop and expand the scholarly , i.e., research and creative, activities of Norman campus faculty, including faculty associated with Norman campus programs at OU-Tulsa.

Program Information

Junior Faculty Fellowship Program (JFF)

The Junior Faculty Fellowship Program is designed to help new tenure-track faculty members establish their research/creative activity and make progress to tenure by providing support in areas critical to the development of their programs. The awards can be used as summer (June and July) stipends to enable faculty members to carry out full-time research and scholarly activity during that period. However, the awards are not limited to summer stipends, and faculty members are urged to utilize the awards to provide maximum benefit to their research programs. This might include supplies, equipment, personnel, and travel.

Program Information

Research Publication Subvention Funding

The publication of faculty scholarship by academically respected presses, scholarly journals, and multimedia venues is among the most important and valuable contributions of a comprehensive research university. In some cases, following a rigorous peer review that recommends publication, subvention funding is required to meet the total costs of typesetting, printing, editing, translation, cover art, recording, mixing, and distribution, with costs typically ranging from $2,000-$6,000.  Additionally, many publications require funding for page charges. More recently, open access publishing now encompasses journals, book chapters, and even monographs. Open access increases the visibility, readership, and impact of an author's works, democratizing access across all institutions, regardless of size or budget. Although access to users is free, the cost of such publication typically falls to the author or the associated institution in the form of fees and/or subsidies.

The Research Publication Subvention Funding program provides funding to help ensure that all peer-reviewed scholarly work produced at OU is formally published. The administration of this program is now within the University Libraries, as an addition to the existing open access program. For more information about program guidelines and the internal application process, please email

Success Rate Data for Research Council Funding

Faculty Investment Program
(number in parentheses reflects total proposal submissions)

Engineering/Physical Sciences63% (8)64% (14)53% (15)44% (16)41% (17)25% (16)30% (23)
Life Sciences0% (2)50% (2)0% (0)100% (5)56% (9)67% (9)29% (7)
Social Sciences63% (8)100% (1)38% (8)30% (10)44% (9)33% (6)57% (7)
Humanities60% (10)100% (2)50% (2)25% (12)50% (8)56% (9)80% (5)
Fine Arts100% (1)67% (3)33% (3)100% (2)22% (9)33% (12)50% (6)
Education/Other31% (13)42% (12)36% (11)15% (7)33% (3)33% (12)40% (5)
All50% (42)59% (34)44% (39)41% (52)42% (55)39% (64)42% (53)

Junior Faculty Fellowship Program
(number in parentheses reflects total proposal submissions)

Engineering/Physical Sciences44% (9)100% (2)80% (5)67% (9)43% (14)33% (15)16% (19)
Life Sciences50% (4)100% (3)67% (3)0% (0)33% (3)100% (3)0% (0)
Social Sciences44% (9)89% (9)46% (13)43% (14)10% (21)24% (17)24% (21)
Humanities50% (6)100% (3)60% (5)0% (5)67% (9)27% (11)35% (17)
Fine Arts50% (2)100% (2)0% (0)0% (1)0% (3)100% (1)50% (2)
Education/Other80% (5)0% (0)0% (0)33% (6)50% (4)14% (7)10% (10)
All51% (35)95% (19)58% (26)40% (35)31% (54)31% (54)23% (69)