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Building Resource Coordinator Program

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Building Resource Coordinator Program

The Building Resource Coordinator (BRC) Program is a University of Oklahoma effort to support people in every campus building. The goal of the program is to create a network of knowledgeable people who can assist those around them by sharing resources, promoting training, and contacting the appropriate authorities in situations that may impact their building(s).

BRC Duties

  1. Serve as the primary Point of Contact to facilitate communication between building occupants and service providers by:
    • Posting information on emergency procedures and contact information
    • Assisting with the annual property survey for insurance assessment
    • Coordinating and/or requesting drills/trainings (30-day advance notice)
  2. Identify, report and monitor: 
    • Problems within and around the building (power outages, flooding, repairs, building access needs, etc.)
    • Safety hazards (blocked exits, dark hallways, water leaks, and EXIT signs that are not illuminated, etc.)
    • Damage that results in or from property claims
  3. Retain copies of building floor plans
  4. Notify emergency personnel of building occupants that need assistance or hazardous materials within the building 
  5. BRCs are NOT required to: 
    • Move anything
    • Put themselves in danger
    • Search buildings in an emergency