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Staff members of Det 675 Cadre for the 2023 to 2024 Academic Year standing in a row in front of a lamppost with OU flag.

Det 675 Cadre for the 23-24 Academic Year. (Left to Right): Colonel Jeffrey Pixley, Detachment Commander and Professor of Aerospace Studies; Major Aaron Ashley, Asst Professor of Aerospace Studies; Captain Travis Moore, Asst Professor of Aerospace Studies; Captain Nicholas Maher, Asst Professor of Aerospace Studies; TSgt Shawn Sturms, ROTC Training Instructor; SSgt Riley Rosales, NCOIC of Information Management; Ms. LaWanna Washington, Administrative Assistant; Ms. Alecia Nicholson, Uniform Custodian.

Air Force ROTC Detachment 675 Cadre

Colonel Jeffrey Pixley official photo

Colonel Jeffrey Pixley

Detachment Commander

Colonel Pixley Bio (pdf)

Major Aaron Ashley official photo

Major Aaron Ashley

Education Officer

Maj Ashley Bio (pdf)

Captain Nicholas Maher official photo

Captain Nicholas Maher

Recruiting Officer

Captain Maher Bio (pdf)

Captain Travis Moore official photo

Captain Travis Moore

Operations Officer & Flight Commander

Captain Moore Bio (pdf)

Ms. LaWanna Washington official photo

Ms. LaWanna Washington

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Alecia Nicholson official photo

Ms. Alecia Nicholson

Uniform Custodian

Technical Sergeant Shawn Sturms official photo

TSgt Shawn Sturms

ROTC Training Instructor

Technical Sergeant Sturms Bio (pdf)

Staff Sergeant Riley Rosales official photo

SSgt Riley Rosales

NCOIC, Administration

Staff Sergeant Rosales Bio (pdf)