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Scholarship Opportunities

Not sure how you are going to pay for college?  Air Force ROTC awards partial and full tuition scholarships to outstanding applicants and exemplary cadets! 


High school students can apply online for the High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) at between June 1st following their junior year and Dec 1st of their senior year of high school.  High school graduates who have no full-time college experience are also eligible to apply for the HSSP.


In-college students who join Air Force ROTC and maintain a good CGPA may be eligible to compete for one of our in-college scholarships of varying length, up to three-and-a-half years.  These scholarships are available based on the needs of the Air Force.  Students earning technical and science degrees fill the Air Force‚Äôs greatest needs and therefore are among the most sought after.

Along with tuition money, scholarship recipients receive a textbook allowance each semester and a monthly living expenses stipend during the academic year. 


NOTE:  The Governor of Oklahoma signed legislation on April 15th, 2015 enacting a statewide policy that any student participating in, or who has received a partial or full scholarship from the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps, is eligible for in-state status (resident tuition).  This means that out-of-state high school students who are awarded a Type 7 scholarship can use it at OU without converting to a three-year Type 2!  This also means that ANY student participating in Air Force ROTC at the University of Oklahoma will be eligible for in-state status!


OU Tuition Waivers:  Cadets enrolled in Air Force ROTC can apply for partial OU tuition waivers each semester.  Application information will be sent to cadets at the beginning of each term.  Recipients are selected based on need and merit.