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Career Options as a Naval Officer

A career as a Naval Officer offers challenges not often enjoyed by new college graduates. Even before commissioning, a midshipman is given a set of unique experiences during summer cruises. The summation of these experiences helps the soon-to-be commissioned Navy officer decide on a specific warfare community within the Navy to make their career. Marine Corps officers will select their designators at the conclusion of The Basic Training.

The basic commitment for a scholarship midshipman accepting a commission as an officer out of NROTC is five years active duty. College Program midshipmen accepting a commission as an officer out of NROTC have a comitment of 3 years active duty. Acceptance of certain career designations requires longer active duty commitments. Pilots, for example, are obligated to eight years after they receive their wings. Winging usually takes around two years; therefore, Naval pilots are essentially required to provide nine to ten years of active duty service. The nuclear power programs also incur longer active duty obligations.