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Why OU Naval ROTC?

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If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Naval officer (in either the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps) through the NROTC program at The University of Oklahoma, then this website will help answer some of your questions and guide you through the process.  There are many requirements for pursuing a commission into the Naval service via The University of Oklahoma NROTC.  Browse sequentially through each link in this section to gain a better understanding of how to become a part of our program.

Why Choose The University of Oklahoma Naval ROTC Unit?

If you have come this far, then you are probably considering becoming a Midshipman, which is an outstanding decision. There are many Universities that offer NROTC programs, so the question you may have is: Why should I choose The University of Oklahoma’s NROTC program?

Well, there are many reasons why:

Atmosphere:  The University of Oklahoma is a major university set within the town of Norman and is only a half-an-hour drive from Oklahoma City, a major metropolitan area. Students have the ability to earn their degree in a small town with the option to engage in big-city life at their leisure.  OU has very successful athletic programs; in fact, you could say that winning is the hallmark of our athletic teams. Currently, the Oklahoma Sooners sports teams have won 37 National Championships in both men’s and women’s sports. Our football team is perhaps the most visible athletic program on campus with the Sooners perpetually finishing high in the rankings and winning more games than any other school over the last decade. As a member of our Battalion you will have the opportunity to attend every home game as an usher in the student section. There are very few students who can boast the fact that they attended every home football game during their four years on campus. The Naval ROTC Unit is located in the historic Armory, which dates back to 1918. Enrolled Midshipmen have access to comprehensive facilities that support moral, mental, and physical development. Armory facilities include two well-equipped gyms, a student Wardroom lounge and study area, a networked computer lab, office space and locker rooms for the Midshipman staff, dedicated spaces for Marine Option students, and a museum. The Armory has classrooms and other quiet study areas, and the building is centrally located on campus in-between dorms and many classrooms so that a car is not required for transport. Also, OU is located close to a large military base (Tinker Air Force Base), which includes an operational Navy Squadron.

Camaraderie: Being a member of OU NROTC is a similar comaraderie experience to that of a fraternity or sorority but without the fuss of joining one.  Each freshmen class takes part in New Student Orientation (NSO) week. During NSO week, incoming freshmen are given a brief first-hand look into military life.  New Midshipmen are tried and tested during this week and as such develop a strong bond with their fellow classmates. Once NSO week has concluded, our remaining battalion members arrive for the fall semester and are introduced to their new shipmates. Throughout the school year you will participate in multiple activities, bonding further with your fellow Battalion members. You will quickly learn the art of time management, garnering tips and knowledge from your peers and our staff. The trials and tribulations of Midshipman life create a bond between students that is unlike any you will experience while in college, creating friendships that last well beyond graduation.

Leadership Development: You are a potential future leader of enlisted Sailors and Marines. Throughout our history we have developed a structured leadership training regimen that will ensure that you graduate with the tools necessary to effectively Sailors and Marines in the Fleet. We believe that you must learn to follow before you can learn to lead. As such, everyone spends their first year as a squad member, learning how to interact within the Battalion. As you progress through the academic ranks you are given additional responsibilities. Due to the leadership structure of our Battalion, everyone will have held a major leadership role by the time they graduate and commission into the Naval Officer Corps.

Mentorship: With the engagement with active duty staff at OU NROTC, Midshipmen are afforded one-on-one advising sessions unmatched by any other department within the university. While every student is assigned a university appointed academics advisor, they usually share that advisor with more than 100 other students and have to schedule appointments in advance.  As a member of the NROTC Battalion you are assigned an active duty commissioned Naval Officer whose mission is to mold aspiring Naval Officers. The relatively small size of our unit enables our staff to personally help midshipmen in every way possible, from offering academic advice and tutoring, to assistance in solving everyday problems.  Our unit staff provides a wealth of knowledge and mentorship unparalleled to anything you would receive as a non-NROTC student at OU. Their experience will aid you in your development as a future Naval Officer.  

Tutoring:  The Navy and Marine Corps is adamant that all students are successful, academically, within the Unit. With that in mind, OU NROTC hires Calculus and Physics tutors every semester, ensuring that our students have additional assistance in passing these scholarship-required courses. The University of Oklahoma also provides numerous additional free tutoring resources within the university and our NROTC Advisors are in constant contact with their fellow instructors with knowledge of additional tutoring support. 

Extra-Curricular Activities: The University of Oklahoma NROTC unit is unique in that the Battalion is extremely active throughout the school year. While not every event we participate in is mandatory, their attendance is highly encouraged, which allows students to be as active as they want. Our attendance policy also affords our students the opportunity to join various clubs within and outside of the Unit. Throughout the school year we attend various events to include: NROTC Drill meet at The University of Colorado, Navy and a Marine Corps Dining-Out, Midshipmen Dining-In, NJROTC Drill Meets, and Marine Field Training Exercise (FTX). We offer all of the Navy/Marine Corps NROTC-oriented teams to include: Color Guard, Close Order Drill Team, and Endurance Team (E-Team). Practically every student will decide to join one of these teams at some point during their tenure at OU. Additionally at OU NROTC, we conduct the annual run of the OU-TX Red River Rivalry game day football from Norman to Dallas, culminating at the steps of the Cotton Bowl. During this annual event, we meet up with UT NROTC for a friendly flag football game and our Battallion CO delivers the game ball to the officals during pre-game activities.

As you can see, there are many things that make The University of Oklahoma NROTC unit an ideal place to earn your Bachelor’s degree and Commission into the Naval Officers Corps. If you have any questions or would like visit please contact us to schedule an appointment to tour our facilities.