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Safe and Resilient

The Safe and Resilient plan is designed with flexibility in mind and is based on the latest understanding of COVID-19. As our understanding of the virus develops, the plan will be refined as needed.

The goal of the Safe and Resilient Instructional Plan is to provide in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible while promoting a safe and secure campus environment. While COVID-19 presents unique challenges as we pursue this goal, we are creatively adapting our instructional model to protect our community and still offer the life-changing in-person OU experience. The university is working with each college to provide the appropriate resources and academic support to ensure our students are well-equipped to succeed.


  • Class formats may change to accommodate enrollments or health concerns.
  • Additional support will be provided to enhance the learning experience for online, large enrollment classes.

Plan Elements

  1. Sections with enrollments that can be seated with a six-foot spacing in the classroom assigned will be allowed to be held in person.
  2. Sections with enrollments that cannot be seated with a six-foot spacing will be taught either online or in a blended format.

  3. In an effort to facilitate effective social distancing, the class schedule will be extended throughout the day and spread out to accommodate 30-minute windows between classes, rather than the traditional 10-minute break, to limit the number of people in buildings at one time.

  4. We will also utilize larger classrooms, aiming for 20-50% maximum capacity wherever practical for increased social distancing.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will online courses be charged an additional fee?

No. The current transition in the One system is applying $40/hour fees in error and we are working to fix this. There will not be new fees affiliated with the 14% of classes that are moved online.


Will out-of-state students be required to pay out-of-state tuition for online classes?

Yes, tuition rates will remain unchanged, but no additional fees will be charged for courses that have been moved online due to COVID-19.


Will Pass/Fail be an option again for online classes that switched from in-person to online?

After much consideration, the University of Oklahoma determined that it will not issue a pass/no pass grading policy for the fall 2020 semester.