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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Federal regulations require that students make Satisfactory Academic Progress toward their degree at the University of Oklahoma to be eligible for financial aid. SAP is evaluated at the end of each semester.

Please click on the following links for an outline of the Financial Aid academic standards that must be met.

Academic Standards for Undergraduate (pdf)

Academic Standards for GRAD (pdf)

Academic Standards for Law (pdf)

SAP Suspension

Students who fail to maintain minimum GPA and/or course completion standards will lose their eligibility for federal, state and campus-based aid administered by Financial Aid Services.  

Students are notified of their failing SAP status by mail.
Students may also view their current SAP status in

SAP Appeal Process

Submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form explaining any extenuating circumstances and/or personal issues that contributed to your SAP failure and include any supporting third-party documentation. 

Electronic forms now available!  
You may complete, sign and submit your SAP Appeal form online.  

Please be aware that appeal decisions and notifications can take up to 3 weeks. If your appeal is approved, it can take up to 3 additional weeks to process your aid.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form (pdf)

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form (electronic online)