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Athletic Scholarship

Athletic Scholarship

Student athletic scholarships are awarded to varsity athletes by their coaches in compliance with the policies and procedures of the University, the Big 12 Conference, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Athletic Awards can cover all or part of your tuition, fees, books, room, board, and miscellaneous expenses up to the University's cost of attendance.

Each team is assigned a scholarship limit by the NCAA based on the total number of full grant-in-aid awards the sport is allowed to offer during the academic year. The head coach decides how to distribute the funds among the student athletes.

Outside Scholarships

Any scholarships you receive from an outside organization (such as your high school, parent's employer, or local civic organization) must be reported to the Associate Director of Athletic Scholarships & Financial Aid. The student athlete and the donor will need to complete and submit back to the Associate Director their respective Student-Athlete Outside Aid Award/Classification forms as well as provide documentation of the award in order to verify that your award complies with NCAA rules and federal regulations. NCAA bylaws restrict you, the student-athlete, from cashing scholarship checks yourself. Any scholarship checks must be submitted to the Student Financial Center at 105 Buchanan Hall or sent to the following address:

University of Oklahoma
Student Financial Center
105 Buchanan Hall, 1000 Asp Ave
Norman, OK 73019-4078

Be sure to include your full name and University of Oklahoma student ID number on the check.

Financial Aid Help for Student-Athletes

Please contact either of the following staff if you have questions about your athletic awards or other financial aid questions:

Shawna Muret
Associate Director, Athletic Scholarships & Financial Aid
(405) 325-2166

Danielle Kowal
Director of Compliance
(405) 325-5210