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Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarship Guidelines for Four-Year Merit Scholarships and Two-Year Transfer Scholarships


Your scholarship is awarded as a tuition waiver.

  • This award will be automatically applied to your Norman campus tuition expense each semester for fall and spring only. This award can not be used towards summer tuition.
  • This award cannot be used toward fees (i.e. enrollment deposit, facility, health or activity fees, housing, correspondence courses, etc).
  • This award cannot be used for tuition and fees through the OU Law School, Graduate College, OU Health Sciences Center graduate studies, OU-Tulsa campus, or at any other institution.
  • This award cannot be used for courses offered through the Sooner Rose Program.
  • A student cannot receive more than one Merit-Based Scholarship.
  • Institutional scholarships, combined with other federal, state and/or institutional aid, should not exceed the published Cost of Attendance.
  • In the event of early graduation, unused semester funds will be forfeited.
  • If the student is enrolled in less than 12 hours during his/her final semester, the scholarship amount will be pro-rated proportionately with a student's decreased tuition cost. Final semester students must complete a Special Conditions Form to receive their award at less than 12 hours enrollment.

Please note: A student's academic merit award may be stacked with other scholarships and/or tuition waivers; however, if stacked with tuition waivers the combined offers may not pay out beyond the cost of tuition. A non-resident tuition waiver may never be applied to the resident portion of tuition.


1. Enrollment – Scholarship recipients must enroll as a full time (12+ credits) undergraduate student at OU each fall/spring semester.   

2. Grade Point Average - Merit Scholarship recipients awarded during and after fall 2019 must maintain at least a 2.0 overall grade point average (GPA). Students who show academic success through an OU GPA with a 2.0 or higher will also remain eligible. GPA requirements are checked at the conclusion of each semester.

GPAs are checked at the end of spring semester first year then each academic year thereafter. 


1. If a recipient does not meet the required overall or OU GPA requirement, the student will be placed on probation for one academic year. Students will continue to receive funding only during the first semester of the probationary period. Students will have one full calendar year to achieve the required overall or OU GPA. If the overall or OU GPA is not earned by the end of the probationary year, the award will be discontinued.

2. If a student’s GPA increases to the minimum requirement or above during the probationary year, the scholarship will be reinstated. Upon reinstatement, the duration of the scholarship will be reduced by the number of semesters spent on probation. The student will not have the opportunity to recoup the lost unpaid semester while on probation.


Merit Scholarship recipients may be granted exceptions to the enrollment requirements listed above on a case-by-case basis. Students may complete the form for standard leave of absence. If a Merit Scholarship recipient cannot enroll in the full-time required hours for any reason (including, but not limited to, medical or personal reasons, study abroad experiences, internships or because the student requires less than 12 hours to graduate), the student must complete this special conditions form (this is not for incoming/current freshmen).

Incoming freshmen who have scholarship and aid questions need to contact their admissions counselor

In order to ensure a timely award, Merit Scholarship recipients that transfer to the OU Health Sciences Center to finish an undergraduate degree must notify the Scholarship Office prior to the semester transferred through this HSC transfer form

Please note: Beginning with students entering OU as freshmen in fall 2021, OU will use superscoring for admission and scholarship decisions. This policy does not retroactively apply to current students. Also, students are not eligible to have their tuition waiver awards increased in the event of future award increases. View our freshman scholarship amounts from previous years to determine your scholarship amount. 

For more information on eligibility concerns or terms of the tuition waiver, please contact the Scholarship Office at