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Student Government Association


The Student Government Association (SGA) continues the legacy of excellence at the University of Oklahoma.  SGA serves and advocates for the student body in order to continue improving the student experience.  The SGA is bound by the rules as outlined in our Code Annotated (SGACA) and the SGA Constitution.  The following buttons are links to the Code Annotated and the SGA Constition:

                 Code Annotated                   SGA Constitution (PDF)  

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Registered Student Organizations Primary Funding for the 2024-2025 Academic Year Submit Requests on Engage by March 7, 2024 at 11:59 PM.
Spring 2024 Elections Filing Open until Feb 23 at 8 PM for Campus Activities Council Chair, Congress representatives, and Student Bar Association President.  For Questions and Accommodations:
Undergraduate Student Congress Logo.
Undergraduate Student Congress

The Undergraduate Student Congress of the Student Government Association is the House of the Legislative Branch. The members are comprised of 48 representative from each academic district as well as non-voting members who carry out projects to help the student body.

Campus Activities Council Logo.
Campus Activities Council

The Campus Activities Council (CAC) was founded in 1971, and is the programming branch of SGA. CAC is responsible for programming inclusive, campus-wide events that serve all students. As an organization, we initiate and implement quality campus-wide programs throughout the academic year to all facets of campus life.

Graduate Student Senate Logo.
Graduate Student Senate

The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) represents every graduate student enrolled in any of the programs offered by the Graduate College at the University of Oklahoma, giving them an official voice.  Additionally, each year a substantial portion of the SGA budget is allocated to GSS for two important initiatives: Awards and Grants.

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