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How To Get Involved With OU SGA

Undergraduate Congress

The Undergraduate Student Congress meets in Dale Hall, room 103.

SGA Elections

Elections take place once a semester to elect SGA leadership and representatives.

Graduate Senate

The Graduate Student Senate every other Thursday via Zoom.

Executive Branch & Crimson Leadership Associaton (CLA)

Since 1969, student government at OU has allowed students to organize and make a difference in their education experience. The SGA President & Vice President lead their administration to be the official voice within and outside the OU community. The Cabinet is composed of 4 directors - Interior, Communications, Inclusivity, Exterior. At the weekly meetings, this team discusses ways to implement initiatives  across campus that enhance the student experience.

The Crimson Leadership Association (CLA) was established in 2011. It has always provided first year students with a meaningful opportunity for involvment within the Student Government Assocation. Members of CLA have the chance to attend weekly meetings focused on topics such as how to get involved on campus, start a student organization, apply for campus awards, etc., as well as an opportunity to work with a mentor in student government. The SGA Vice President serves as the direct student advisor to the CLA Co-Chairs and members.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of the Student Government Association consists of the Undergraduate Student Congress and Graduate Student Senate (GSS). Congress is comprised of 48 representatives that participate in various committees that oversee certain aspects of the Congress.

GSS represents every graduate student enrolled in any of the programs offered by the Graduate College at the University of Oklahoma, giving them an official voice in student government. Additionally, each year a substantial portion of the SGA budget is allocated to GSS for two important initiatives: Outstanding Graduate Student Awards and the Research & Conference Grants.

Judicial Branch

The SGA Superior Court is currently composed of seven Justices - including the Chief Justice who is chosen by their peers. All judicial power is vested in the Superior Court. The justices make opinions that maintain the integrity of the OU SGA Constitution.

The Office of General Counsel has many duties to best serve the students of the University of Oklahoma including: advising students who are charged with academic misconduct or student code violations, as well as students who wish to appeal a grade; reviewing Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) policy agreements.

The Elections Commission is responsible for enforcing the rules of campaigning during Presidential, CAC Chair, and Congressional campaigns in both Fall and Spring semesters.

The Student Parking Appeals Board works with students and OU Parking Services to relieve some parking offenses - including with the usage of the Donations for Citations Program.

Campus Activities Council

The Campus Activities Council (CAC) was founded in 1971 to serve as the programming branch of the Student Government Association. CAC is responsible for organizing inclusive, campus-wide events and traditions for all students. As an organization, they initiate and implement quality programs throughout the academic year to all facets of campus life, emphasizing building community, developing leaders and leaving a legacy.

Get Involved In An Organization

Visit the Registered Student Organizations page to learn more!

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