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SRTC Main LineSRTC Atrium



Melany Dickens

Associate Vice President for Research

Director, Planning & Research Facilities


Dora RappSRTC Facility & Storeroom Manager(405)

Dora Rapp-SRTC Facility & Storeroom Manager

dora rapp

As the Stephenson Research and Technology Center Facility & Storeroom Manager, Dora is responsible for maintaining the building needs, directing Storeroom staff and overseeing purchasing and upkeep of equipment.  She drafts and updates emergency and evacuation procedures, schedules certifications, safety trainings, and drills for the building. Dora works under the umbrella for the Office of the Vice President for Research.  She assists with Faculty startup equipment purchasing and space renovations.  She trains and supervises the Storeroom staff and students.  Other duties and tasks are as follows:

Responsible for SRTC data port inventory and billing
Assists faculty and students with requests
SRTC Sooner Card Administrator
Serves as Building Safety Coordinator for SRTC
Assists with lab equipment purchases
Responsible for SRTC Website maintenance and updates
Coordinates preventative maintenance and certifications for building equipment
Maintain building and tenant records, providing tours, scheduling Active Shooter training
Works with the EHSO office on chemical inventories, waste and lab safety issues
Assists in hiring and overseeing staff for the SRTC Storeroom
Property Validation and tagging of equipment over $5000.00 for VPR accounts
Assists with logistics and fork lift assistance for large shipments
Member of NAOSMM (National Association of Scientific Materials Managers)