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A: When using the Mosquito liquid handler in the BSC-Norman to set up trays, you need a minimum of 15 µL of protein per 96-well tray. The smallest sample size per drop is 100 nL (up to 1.2 µL). We recommend a 200-300 nL drop size.

A: We suggest a concentration of 10-20 mg/mL. But if the protein aggregates or precipitates during concentration attempts, concentrate to just before it precipitates. If your protein can be concentrated to more than 20 mg/mL then do so.

A: For a new protein, it is generally recommended to initially screen >400 conditions, that means four 96-well trays, each tray is one broadscreen.

The broadscreens can be set up with the Mosquito nanovolume liquid handler. You will need about 100-300 µL of protein. At a suggested concentration of 10 mg/mL, that means you should have about 1 mg of pure protein to get started. 

A: The BSC-Norman has 19 commercial broadscreens available.

A: The protein should be as homogenous and as pure as possible. An overloaded SDS-PAGE gel should show a single band at the correct molecular weight.