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Mosquito nanovolume liquid dispenser


The following charges for OU researchers have been approved by the Chemistry & Biochemistry Faculty Macromolecular Crystallography Laboratory (MCL) Oversight Committee. Comments and questions about these charges should be directed to the facility manager, Len Thomas, (405) 325-1126 or the chair of the BSC-Norman (MCL) users committee, Prof. Ann West at (405) 325-1529.

Crystallization Lab Fees

 Cost per tray*
Crystallization screens set up using Mosquito 
Standard screen in 96-well tray - single drop$ 40
Standard screen in 96-well tray - two drops$ 45
Full screen in 96-well trays (4 trays total) $ 110 / full screen
Optimization screens - 1 mL each condition 
24 conditions in 24-well tray$ 25
96 conditions in 96-well block$ 50

*The charges for the crystallization lab cover the cost of materials.
Additive screens may incur a slightly higher cost.

X-ray Lab Fees

 Crystal ScreeningData Collection
Pilatus$ 20 / hr$ 15 / hr
Raxis IV++$ 15 / hr$ 12 / hr

Users from academic institutions outside of OU and users from non-academic, non-profit organizations will be charged the above rates plus a 50% overhead charge. 

Fees for Grid and Sample Preparation for Cryo-EM

 OU/OUHSCExternal to OU
Cryo gridsCost dependent on original grid cost (~$10 each), inquire with core directorCost dependent on original grid cost , inquire with core directorCost dependent on original grid cost , inquire with core director
Instrument Use   
PELCO easiGlow

$ 7 / user session

$ 11 / user session

$ 17 / user session$ 26 / user session
Leica GP2

$ 30 / user session

$ 46.50 / user session

$ 72 / user session$ 112 / user session

Terms are net due in 30 days. Unless other prior arrangements are made, lab charges will be accumulated to the end of the current month for preparation of invoices.

At this time credit/debit cards are not accepted for payment.

Please contact the facility manager if you have any questions about the fees: Email Len Thomas