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Nanodrop Spectrophotometer


All users of the Protein Production and Characterization Core facility are required to read and sign the User Agreement.

Equipment User Training Policy

For new users, introductory training sessions are required for each facility instrument. The length of these sessions will depend on the instrument. Additional training sessions may be required. Once a user has been authorized by the director, equipment may be operated independently. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for training costs.

Hands-on Equipment Usage

An FPLC must be booked at least 24 hours in advance using the Facility's Skedda Calendar. Please contact the director to set up access to the calendar.

Incubator / Shakers for larger culture volumes (> 500 mL) must be booked at least 12 hours in advance using the Skedda Calendar. Please contact the director to set up access to the calendar. You should indicate your desired temperature, the number and volumes of flasks to be incubated. Space limitations allow up to 6 large volume flasks (> 2 L) per Innova 43 incubator / shaker. Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Currently, all other equipment use is on a first-come, first-served basis as well.

For all equipment, sign-in/out sheets must be filled in before and after each use. Please indicate the condition of each equipment used as well.

Acknowledging the Facility

As per user agreement, users are requested to acknowledge the PPCC as applicable (see example acknowledgement to the left):

  1. If data are generated using PPCC resources, a statement acknowledging the PPCCe and COBRE grant should be included in the manuscript.
  2. For major intellectual contributions by the PPCC personnel (e.g., in the case of de novo protein purification) co-authorship may be appropriate.
  3. For routine contributions, such as protein purification from a known protocol, a statement in the acknowledgement section of a manuscript is sufficient.