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Using the FPLC system


The staff of the PPCC offers the following services to researchers:

Equipment Use & Training

Equipment in the PPCC is available to authorized, trained users. Hands-on users are required to sign up for instrument usage and training. Please contact the director for access to scheduling calendars. See Fees for applicable charges.

Protein Expression & Purification

For proteins with established (e.g. published) methods of expression and purification, the core can produce desired quantities of pure protein for a full-service fee (Option A). Alternatively, and for a lower fee, researchers may opt to be involved hands-on with protein expression and purification, with supervision and consultation with the PPCC (Option B).

Biophysical Characterization

Instruments are available in the PPCC to characterize proteins and other macromolecules. Interactions between compounds can be detected and analyzed using Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (MicroCal PEAQ-ITC, Malvern) and Biolayer Interferometry (ForteBio Octet Red96). FTIR is available for determination and analysis of secondary structure composition (Tensor II, Bruker). Dynamic Light scattering using the pUNk (Unchained Labs) can be used to assess a protein’s hydrodynamic size, size distribution, and aggregate population.

De Novo Protein Expression & Purification (Developmental Projects)

For proteins with undetermined or partially determined methods of expression and purification, the PPCC can independently develop and execute methods to express and purify the relevant protein for a full-service fee (Option A). Alternatively, the core can collaborate with members of the client lab in developing and enacting a strategy to produce the desired protein (Option B).


The Core Director is available for consultation services by appointment (initial consultation is free; for subsequent consultations, please see our Fees).

Molecular Biology

We currently do not offer molecular biology services, such as custom cloning. However, once a plasmid is available, transformation into bacteria and protein expression can be done by/in the PPCC.

For researchers in need of custom cloning we suggest using the services of a commercial company, such as Genscript or Invitrogen (ThermoFisher). Please note that we do not endorse a specific company.

There are several websites available for help with cloning strategies and vector selection, among them: