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Integrative Immunology Center

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Integrative Immunology Center

The Principal Goals of the Integrative Immunology Center are to:

  • Facilitate interdisciplinary research in community medicine focused on understanding the long-term biological effects of psychosocial and physical stress
  • Deliver educational support and specialized expertise in the field of immunology to the Tulsa community
  • Provide state-of-the-art core laboratory services for faculty and students engaged in translational research

Integrative Immunology Center

University of Oklahoma-Tulsa
4502 E 41st St.
Tulsa, OK 74135

Phone: 918-660-3920
Fax: 918-660-3928

Kent Teague, PhD

Kent Teague, Ph.D. is the Center Director and also the Associate Dean for Research at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine.  Dr. Teague is a professor in the Department of Surgery and an adjunct professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the School of Community Medicine.  He is also an adjunct associate professor at the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences and an adjunct professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy.  He holds the George Kaiser Family Foundation Chair in Community Medicine Research.  He completed his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  He completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Immunology at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the National Jewish Research Center in Denver.  


Julie Marino, PhD

Dr. Julie H. Marino is a faculty member in the Department of Surgery at the University of Oklahoma, School of Community Medicine, Tulsa.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Covenant College before completing her PhD in Immunology at the University of Tulsa. She completed post-doctoral training in the Department of Surgery at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in Tulsa.  She is an expert in gene expression analysis and directs the genomics research efforts at the Integrative Immunology Center.  


Ashlee Rempel, BS, MBA

Ashlee Rempel serves as the Integrative Immunology Center Laboratory Manager and Business Manager.  Ashlee has been employed at the University of Oklahoma since 2002, beginning as a Research Assistant II in the Department of Pediatrics at the OUHSC in Oklahoma City.  She joined OU - Tulsa as a Research Assistant II in 2005.  She assumed the role of Research Associate and Laboratory Manager in 2009.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and a Master's in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University.  She is a certified flow cytometrist and an expert in flow-based cytokine bead arrays, ELISA, MSD arrays, and other biomarker technologies.


Chibing Tan, PhD

Dr. Chibing Tan directs the Flow Cytometry Laboratory at the Integrative Immunology Center.  He is an expert in multiparametric flow cytometry.  He is a certified operator of the MoFlo™ XDP high-speed cell sorter.  He earned his PhD in Polymer Chemistry and Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.  He completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Biochemistry and Biophysics at the OUHSC in Oklahoma City and a second postdoctoral fellowship in Immunology at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine in Tulsa.


Brenda Davis, BS

Brenda Davis is a senior research technician with extensive experience in molecular biology and recombinant DNA technology.  She serves as the Integrative Immunology Center’s clinical studies coordinator and oversees human tissue processing and cryogenic storage. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from The Oklahoma State University.  Brenda Davis also serves as the Oklahoma Willed Body Program’s OU-Tulsa campus representative and is responsible for scheduling and coordination of the OU-Tulsa Anatomy Laboratory.     


Debbie Neal, BS

Debbie Neal serves as the senior administrative assistant for the Integrative Immunology Center.  She also assists the Laboratory Manager in ensuring laboratory regulatory compliance.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management at Northeastern Oklahoma State University.


Valerio Coussa, BS

Valerio Coussa is a Research Technician at the Integrative Immunology Center. He assists the lab in blood/tissue processing and biomarker assays. He earned his BS in Biochemistry from the University of Southern California in 2018.


Jonathan Savitz, Ph.D. Principal Investigator, Laureate Institute for Brain Research and Associate Professor, University of Tulsa

Projects: Neuroimaging abnormalities in major depressive disorder: Effect of inflammation (NIH - 1K01MH096077); Response to Inflammatory Challenge in Major Depressive Disorder (NIH - P20GM131212-01); Inflammatory transcripts, genes and positive valence system function in anhedonia (NIMH - 1R01MH098099)  


Jerzy Bodurka, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer, Laureate Institute for Brain Research, Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma College of Engineering

Project: Neuroscience-Based Mental Health Assessment and Prediction (NeuroMAP)- Center of Biomedical Research Excellence - (NIH - P20GM131212-01); Inflammatory transcripts, genes and positive valence system function in anhedonia (NIMH - 1R01MH098099)  


Timothy Meier, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Department of Neurosurgery

Project: Inflammation and kynurenine metabolites in the acute sequelae of concussion (NIMH - 1R21NS099789)


Jennifer Hays-Grudo, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Science

Projects: Child Cortisol Levels and Family Stress; Center for Integrated Research on Childhood Adversity Administrative Core - (NIH - P20GM109097)



Julie Croff, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, School of Applied Health and Education Psychology

Project: Examining Epidemiology of Folate Status Attributable to Adolescent Alcohol Use - Center for Integrated Research on Childhood Adversity  (NIH - P20GM109097)


Isaac Washburn, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Science

Project: Center for Integrated Research on Childhood Adversity Statistics Core (NIH - P20GM109097)


Amanda Sheffield Morris, Ph.D. Regents' Professor and George Kaiser Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Child Development, Center for Family Resilience, Department of Human Development and Family Science

Project: The Dyadic Inter-Brain Signaling (DIBS) Project: Modeling Parent-Child Inter-Brain Regulation in the Prediction of Adolescent Depressive Symptoms - Center for Integrated Research on Childhood Adversity (NIH - P20GM109097)


Karina Shreffler, Ph.D. Professor, Center for Family Resilience, Department of Human Development and Family Science

Project: Holistic Assessment of Tulsa Children's Health (HATCH) - Center for Integrated Research on Childhood Adversity (NIH - P20GM109097)


Hideo Suzuki, Ph.D Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Faculty Affiliate, Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior

Project: Inflammatory transcripts, genes and positive valence system function in anhedonia (NIMH - 1R01MH098099)  


David Bard, Ph.D. Director, Biomedical and Behavioral Methodology Core (BBMC) , Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, OU College of College of Medicine

Project: Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program: A Collaborative Learning Innovation for Addressing Engagement/ Retention of Home Visiting (HRSA/OSDH UH4MC307450100)  


Marianna Wetherill, Ph.D., M.P.H., RDN/LDAssociate Professor, Department of Health Promotions Sciences, Hudson College of Public Health and Department of Family and Community Medicine, School of Community Medicine

Project: Nutrition to Optimize, Understand, and Restore Insulin Sensitivity in HIV for Oklahoma (NIDDK 1R01DK127464-01 )


Jameca Price, M.D., M.P.H., M.C.R. Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Clinical Resarch, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, School of Community Medicine

Projects: Recurrent urinary tract infections and heparin: a double-blind randomized trial (COMAA 20171706)


Julie Miller-Cribbs, Ph.D. Professor, Director, Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work

Projects: Child Cortisol Levels and Family Stress; School of Community Medicine Summer Institute Evaluation


Diane Horm, Ph.D. George Kaiser Family Foundation Professor of Early Childhood Education
; Director, Early Childhood Education Institute

Project: Child Cortisol Levels and Family Stress


Brett McKinney, Ph.D Associate Professor, William K. Warren, Jr. Endowed Chair in Bioinformatics, Tandy School of Computer Science and Department of Mathematics

Project: Neuroscience-Based Mental Health Assessment and Prediction (NeuroMAP)- Center of Biomedical Research Excellence - (NIH - P20GM131212-01)


Matteo Avella, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Biology, Department of Biological Science, College of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Project: Molecular biology and Genetics of mouse and human reproduction  

1.      Blair, A, Chiaf, AL, Crockett, EK, Teague, TK, Croff, JM. Validation of Hair Ethyl Glucuronide Using Transdermal Monitoring and Self-Reported Alcohol Use in Women of Childbearing Potential. Neuropsychopharmacology Reports. (in press)

2.      Meier, T. B.#, España, L. E., Nitta, M. E., Teague, T. K., Brett, B. L., Nelson, L. D., McCrea, M. A., Savitz, J. Positive association between serum quinolinic acid and functional connectivity following concussion. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. Jan 2021, 91:531-540. PMID: 33176183

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6.      Meier, TB, Nitta, ME, Teague, TK, Nelson, LD, McCrea, MC, Savitz, J. Prospective study of the effects of sport-related concussion on serum kynurenine pathway metabolites. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, Jul 2020, 87, 715-724. PMID: 32147388

7.      Ford BN, Teague TK, Bayouth M, Yolken RH, Bodurka J, Irwin MR, Paulus MP, Savitz J. Diagnosis-independent loss of T-cell costimulatory molecules in individuals with cytomegalovirus infection. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, Jul 2020, 87:795-803. PMID: 32209361

8.      Meier, TB, Huber, DL, Bohorquez-Montoya, L, Morgan, NE, Savitz, J, Teague, TK, Bazarian, JJ, Hayes, RL, Nelson, LD, McCrea, MA. A prospective study of acute blood-based biomarkers for sport-related concussion. Annals of Neurology, Jun 2020, 87(6), 907-920. PMID: 32215965.

9.      Burrows, K, Stewart, JL, Antonacci, C, Kuplicki, R, Thompson, K, Taylor, A, Teague, TK, Paulus, MP. Association of poorer dietary quality and higher dietary inflammation with greater symptom severity in depressed individuals with appetite loss. Journal of Affective Disorders, Feb 2020, 263, 99-106. PMID: 31818803.

10.  Croff, J, Chibing, T, Chiaf, AL, Hartwell, ML, Crockett, EK, Teague, TK. Erythrocyte and Serum Folate Collection Techniques: A Multi-Method Study of Folate Status. Vitamins & Minerals, 2020, 9, 188.

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Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

Certified flow cytometrists: Ashlee Rempel, B.S., M.B.A. and Chibing Tan, Ph.D.

For instrument availability or laboratory protocol information contact:
Ashlee Rempel, B.S., M.B.A.
Phone: 918-660-3924
Fax: 918-660-3928


at the Arrow Trucking corporate headquarters in Tulsa, Okla. Arrow trucking shut it's doors shortly before Christmas and cancelled fuel cards, effectively stranding drivers across the nation. 

Photo by Shane Bevel, at the Arrow Trucking corporate headquarters in Tulsa, Okla. Arrow trucking shut it's doors shortly before Christmas and cancelled fuel cards, effectively stranding drivers across the nation. 

Photo by Shane Bevel

LSR-II “Special Order System” 4 laser flow cytometer. (Becton Dickinson)  This instrument is capable of 12-color detection and is equipped with solid state blue, green, red, and violet lasers.  It has a PC workstation including FACSDiva 6.0 software for analysis and data acquisition.

cell sorter

MoFlo XDP High speed cell sorting cytometer.  (Beckman Coulter/Cytomation)  This instrument is equipped with up to 8-color detection and 4-way sorting.  It has a PC workstation including Summit v5.0 acquisition and analysis software.

AutoMACS cell sorter (Miltenyi Biotec) This instrument is used for magnetic bead cell enrichment and is used to quickly enrich cells from very large starting populations.

Molecular Biology and Biomarker Analysis

For laboratory protocol information contact:
Julie Marino, PhD
Phone: 918-660-3934
Fax: 918-660-3928

PCR machine

ViiA7 Real-Time PCR System (Life Technologies) This is a high-throughput quantitative PCR instrument capable of rapid, high volume PCR analyses.  It is the ideal instrument for gene expression studies using the RNA biobanked during this study.

MESO QUICKPLEX SQ 120 (Meso Scale Discovery) is an instrument  that uses technology similar to plate-bound ELISAs but is specifically designed for high-sensitivity multiplexed assays.  This instrument allows for highly sensitive analysis of cytokines and other biomarkers using small sample sizes and low inter-assay variability.

SmartCycler Real-Time PCR machine (Cepheid) This instrument has 3 separate units and can analyze 48 samples independently using up to four fluorochromes simultaneously.  

ImageQuant LAS4000 (GE) This hardware/software package allows for image capture and analysis of Western blots, DNA and PCR gels, culture dishes and microscope fields.

Tissue Processing and Biobanking

For laboratory protocol information contact:
Brenda Davis, BS
Phone: 918-660-3910
Fax: 918-660-3928


tissue culture







1R01DK127464-01 (Wetherill) 09/17/2020 – 08/31/2025


Nutrition to Optimize, Understand, and Restore Insulin Sensitivity in HIV for Oklahoma (NOURISH-OK): The goal of this project is to determine how food insecurity and chronic inflammation relate to insulin resistance via diet, other health behaviors, and the microbiome. The IIC laboratories will be providing biomarker assessments for this study. 


P20GM131212-01 (Paulus) 09/15/2017 – 06/30/2022


The Center for Neuroscience-based Mental Health Assessment and Prediction (NeuroMAP) – The IIC serves as a core biomarker laboratory for the research projects and interventions for this multicenter project.


P20GM109097 sub #6025 (Teague) 07/01/2016 – 03/31/2022


Center for Integrative Research on Childhood Adversity (previously the Children's Health Equity Solutions Center) –The IIC serves as the biomarker core laboratories for the research projects and interventions for this multicenter project.