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Physician Assistant Program

Matriculation Process

The matriculation process begins after an applicant receives notification of his/her conditional acceptance into the Physician Assistant Program of the University. The student must complete the following prior to matriculation:  

  • Submit deposit monies ($300) by the date designated in his/her matriculation agreement—the entire non-refundable deposit is applied toward the student's first-semester tuition.
  • Successful passing of the complete background check and drug screening.
  • Successfully complete all outstanding prerequisites with the grade of a “C,” or better. A “C-“ will NOT be accepted for any prerequisite course.
  • Arrange to have all final college transcript(s) submitted to the Office of Admissions prior to matriculation.
  • Complete required uploads to Complio as directed by the program, including immunization records, agreement with technical standards, and acknowledgment of program policies.
  • Submit proof of medical insurance coverage. The student may select either a plan offered by a university-approved carrier or a plan offered by an outside carrier of the student’s choice. Students must maintain coverage for the duration of the program. 
  • OKLAHOMA RESIDENTS: Submit proof of Oklahoma residency if requested.
  • Provide documentation that any additional coursework or service requirements stipulated by the Admissions Committee of the Program have been completed.
  • Submit additional documents as required by the Office of Admissions.

If the student either fails to satisfy these matriculation requirements or omits/falsifies information required on official admissions documents, the student automatically forfeits his/her seat in the program.