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Inaugural Wellness Week

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April 26, 2021

Inaugural Wellness Week

May 3 – 7, 2021

The inaugural Wellness Week at OU-Tulsa provides opportunities for faculty, staff and students to engage in activities that focus on all forms of wellness. Here are some Tulsa specific events you won’t want to miss. 

Daily Social Media Challenge/#OUWellnessWeek21/#TulsaSooners

Get Social Challenge: Take time to interact with someone on campus or off campus while out and about (safely of course). Strike up a conversation, hold the door, etc. Did you know that having strong social connections has been linked to motor skill retention, cancer survival, increased immune function, memory preservation, and longevity? If comfortable, take selfie with your social connection and post to social media using the hashtag #OUWellnessWeek21/#TulsaSooners

Herbs Grab and Go 

Stuart Square 10:30 am – Noon 

Daily Social Media Challenge/#OUWellnessWeek21/#TulsaSooners

Environmental Challenge: Show us how you improve and take care of your environment! Here are a few ideas from others: Plant a flower, recycle or upcycle an item, conserve your usage, and tell us all about it! Share your ideas with others by using the hashtag #OUWellnessWeek2021/#TulsaSooners

Sneaker Day 

Check out OU-Tulsa social media to see OU-Tulsa leaders’ sneakers and guess who is wearing what sneakers. Who knew our leaders had such great taste in sneakers? 

Wear your sneakers to work today so show your Sooner sneaker day pride. Take a team sneaker photo and post on social media and tag us! Be sure to get supervisor approval if needed. 

Herbs Workshop

Learn how to use the herbs you picked up at the Herbs Grab and Go yesterday

2 – 2:30 pm/Zoom/RSVP here

Wellness Week Happy Hour at Bill & Ruth’s 

2 pm – 3 pm 

Stop by Bill & Ruth’s for a free drink and healthy snack courtesy of the OU-Tulsa President’s Office.

Daily Social Media Challenge/#OUWellnessWeek21/#TulsaSooners

Gratitude Challenge: Kick off your day with a little gratitude. Take 5 minutes and write down 1 or 2 hobbies, activities, interests, etc. you’ve picked up in 2020 or 2021 and celebrate how far you’ve come. You deserve it. Next take a selfie or picture of what it is you have accomplished and share it to social media. Share your success and accomplishments (big or small!) with others and us by using the hashtag #OUWellnessWeek21/#TulsaSooners

Professor Paws and Pals Meet and Treats (treats for humans and four-legged friends) 

10 – 11 am/Front Lawn (rain location: Founders Hall)/ RSVP here

Join Professor Paws aka Niko and his therapy dog friends including Jack Russell Terrier Koa and Albus the Doodledore as well as therapy dogs from Comfort Canines of Tulsa. Stop by for some snacks and puppy love and great selfie opps.

Managing Anxiety & Worry During Uncertain Times 

Noon until 1 pm/Webinar/ RSVP here

Practical Tips and Technology to Reduce Stress

2 – 2:30 pm/Zoom/ RSVP here

Toned Legs of Healthy Young Couple Exercising on Treadmill Device Inside Fitness Gym.

Daily Social Media Challenge/#OUWellnessWeek21/#TulsaSooners

Keep Moving Challenge: Take 10-15 minutes out of your day and go for a walk outside. Find your favorite walking trail or path and get moving! Be sure and use the hashtag #OUWellnessWeek21 and #TulsaSooners on social media to let us know you participated. 

Finding Balance with Nutrition and Exercise

Noon until 1 pm/Zoom/ RSVP here

Wellness Week Happy Hour at Bill & Ruth’s 

2 pm – 3 pm 

Stop by Bill & Ruth’s for a free drink and healthy snack courtesy of the OU-Tulsa President’s Office. 

Zoom Neck and Other Potential At-Desk Problems

2- 2:30 pm/ OU-Tulsa’s VERY OWN Dr. Ken Randall/Click here to register 

Whether you’re engaged in endless Zoom meetings or simply working at your desk for most of your day, the potential to develop neck, shoulder, and back problems increases the longer you’re sitting. Dr. Ken Randall, Professor of Physical Therapy and Associate Dean in the College of Allied Health, will tap into his 30+ years of experience to discuss how sustained postures and lack of movement can produce musculoskeletal problems including “Zoom neck.”  He’ll present easy-to-implement desk exercises that will help to mitigate these problems and also offer tips to improve your overall physical health and wellness. 

Daily Social Media Challenge/#OUWellnessWeek21/#TulsaSooners

Intellectual Challenge: Read a book, do a puzzle, challenge yourself! Post a photo using the hashtag #OUWellnessWeek21 and #TulsaSooners to let us know how you are growing.

Athleisure Day 

Wear your favorite work-appropriate athleisure wear so you are ready for yoga on the lawn. (Supervisor approval required) 

Poetry Mindfulness Reflection

10 – 10:20 am/Webinar with Dr. Bryan Touchet/Click here to register 

Yoga on the Lawn

10:30 am/Front Lawn/rain location: Founders Hall/ RSVP HERE

Bring your own mat or towel and join Dr. Brigitte Steinheider from the Organizational Dynamics program for a beginning yoga class. Join her for a relaxing flow that will have you finding your zen. 


For a complete list of Wellness Week programming, visit