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Bachelor Human Relations

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Bachelor Human Relations

Human Relations, B.A.

Total Credit Hours: 120

Human Relations (HR) is a multi-disciplinary field of study and professional practice that combines theoretical perspectives from the social sciences and humanities, including organizational studies, personal and social development, the world of work and service, multicultural studies and one related statistics course.  Human Relations degrees prepare graduates for careers focusing on social change and the resolution of human relations problems. Students may focus on areas such as counseling, non-profits, volunteerism, women’s issues, race relations, and organizational studies. 

Degree holders often go on to work in businesses, personnel departments, colleges, schools and churches, government agencies, housing and urban development, hospitals and much more.  And many HR undergraduates pursue a Master in Human Relations as a professional degree. 

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Plan of Study


Degree Maps:

What is Human Relations?

Solving today's issues and learning how to forge paths toward effective solutions are increasingly valued skills in today's job market. The Human Relations program in the College of Arts and Sciences provides students with marketable skills in this multidisciplinary field of study and professional practice, which promotes social justice, enhanced social relationships, human diversity, advocacy, inclusiveness and critical thinking. The curriculum for the program offers a balance of foundational theory and essential skills through participation in real world settings. Students may plan studies that focus on such areas as counseling, women's studies, race relations, and organizational studies.

A specific emphasis within the general curriculum may be individually designed to fit a student's professional and personal goals. Career development is often enhanced by careful selection of specific elective courses from Human Relations and other departments to create a personalized emphasis such as management, group processes, affirmative action, education, consulting, interpersonal relations, chemical dependency and human resource development.

The graduate program in Human Relations is designed as an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human relationships.

Do my career intersests fit? 

Human Relations students typically have interests in cultural studies, human behavior, social-political issues, education, problem solving, humanities, social studies, program development and progressive thinking. Human Relations students may choose to pursue a second major or minor in Communication, Education, Human Resource Management, Media Studies, Social Work, Religious Studies, Linguistics, Sociology or Psychology, among others.

  • Cultural Studies
  • Human Behavior
  • Social-Political Issues
  • Education
  • Problem Solving
  • Humanities
  • Social Studies
  • Program Development

What kind of career could I pursue?

  • Civil Rights Commission
  • Court systems
  • Department of Education
  • Business corporations
  • Market research firms
  • Government agencies


OU-Tulsa Department of Human Relations


Phone: 918-660-3318